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What do you think of the international response so far to the Haiti earthquake?


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I believe Japan, as a country, pledged $5 million. Today, I read that the National Football League alone pledged $2.5 million. This is roughly 1500 players and a few thousand staff or whatever. Tiger Woods pledged $3 million so between the NFL and Tiger Woods, the USA again defeats Japan.

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I think it has been fairly swift, considering circumstances. Some readers on other threads have criticized Japan for not sending a team faster but you have to understand the situation on the ground before you dispatch planes. There may not be anywhere for the plane to land, no one to help unload relief supplies, nowhere to store it, etc. On the other hand, while all that is going on, people are dying, so it is a dilemma.

The U.S. did the right thing, going in quickly and trying to reestablish order and infrastructure so that other nations can start sending in relief aid.

I also believe that comments from commentators like Rush Limbaugh, accusing President Obama of politicizing the Haiti quake relief effort are ludicrous.

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Actually, Japan is sending over $35 million in money and supplies. Of course, America's response has been more significant since Haiti is very close, it has 40,000 Americans there, it has the means, and to do nothing would be inviting a security risk. To expect Japan (or anyone else) to match America's contribution is a bit unrealistic.

The international response generally has been overwhelming. It is difficult to find a nation not responding to Haiti's crisis.

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Overall the international response is great, and thanks to technology such as texting, it appears more donations are able to be given quickly. Obviously, to increase charity donations, the public needs to be made aware of the disaster and its severity. Thus, it is important for news outlets and media to give a proper response in terms of informing the public. Sadly, at least in Japan, this is sadly lacking. For a country that is no stranger to earthquakes and particularly with the Kobe event (the anniversary of which is fast approaching), it is frankly shocking to see so little coverage of this massive earthquake causing thousands of deaths. I'm sure that when Japan sends a few dozen aid workers to rebuild schools we may see some more news-time here, but of course that will be for Japan to pat itself on the back -- not to highlight the tragedy currently unfolding and the need for aid and selflessness.

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CBS News reported Friday that the American public has responded to the Haiti crisis so far by donating more than $8 million to the American Red Cross for Haiti relief by texting HAITI to 90999.

Actually, Japan is sending over $35 million in money and supplies.

Hehehohohaha at 09:33 AM JST - 16th January

Nope, Japan aid is only at 3.5 million dollars. Nice try...

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Nope, Japan aid is only at 3.5 million dollars.

Yes, you're correct. I just glanced at the money amount (¥30 million) and assumed it was dollars.

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Atrocious. By the way, did anybody see the NHK news yesterday morning, it showed various international search teams arriving in Haiti. It also showed them working on the ground. Where were they working? They were trying to pull UN employees out of their collapsed accommodation blocks!

It seems that even if help turns up, the rescue of UN bureaucrats is more important than Haitian civilians.

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Good help is in Haiti.

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All I know about what's going is what's being fed to me from the various International News Channels, and from those it seems that we're taking too long preparing to deliver Aid than actually Delivering it. News Reporters are able to find pockets of people in makeshift 'peoples' hospitals so why can't even first Aiders with Rudimentory Field Medical kits be deployed there too ? Some initial Aid, delivered to a few is better than none to everyone. I feel really sorry for the people in Haiti and angry also at the way Logistic issues are touted as the reason why Aid is just stock piling at the Airport. Also from the various reports & interviews that are being replayed, it would seem that there is more focus upon running the country in the longer term, than dealing with the immediate needs of the people.... what do you think ?

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I hope that more is done, and that it isn't used as a political football....

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It's a fiasco.

What they needed were a few dozen helicopters along with all those people and the equipment and supplies. Then they'd have been able to actually deliver the stuff where it was needed, and get help to people. Landing a copter might not be easy, but being stuck in an airport unable to get out there and rescue people is obscene. Heartbreaking too.

So far all some people seem to care about is the amount of money each country has said it will donate. But that's ridiculous as while they're sitting around bragging about how much money their country has donated, from the government and private donations, plus lots from various millionaires and rich organisations, they're missing the point that if all those people in Haiti are allowed to die then no amount of cash can ever fix it. (Did I mention which country's people are doing all the bragging? No. I don't think I need to.)

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I also believe that comments from commentators like Rush Limbaugh, accusing President Obama of politicizing the Haiti quake relief effort are ludicrous.

That is so true! And just imagine what he or people like him would be saying if the U.S. didn't do anything!

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The best that can possibly be done.

I see Hehe ("he") is out USA bashing as usual.

Please all of us remember that there is NO international law compelling any country to help Haiti or any other sovereign nation after a natural disaster.

I am not sure about "he"-googling this time, but I am sure that some Haitians are already complaining about the "service." They should feel fortunate to get any aid at all.

And yes, blah, blah, blah, the number one "aider" is the US.

Because we are located nearby and uh . . . we just must help everyone who comes running for aid.

If we help, complaints.

If we don`t, complaints.

The more the the international community complains about everything USA, the more ammunition it gives to those Americans who favor a "Fortress America."

Why help if that help is returned by the whining of a USA-dependent, international community?

We already foot your defense bill freeing you up to become whatever you like, including socialists.


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I see Hehe ("he") is out USA bashing as usual.

Criticizing blowhards is not "USA bashing".

I am sure that some Haitians are already complaining about the "service." They should feel fortunate to get any aid at all.

Huh? The people of Haiti are dying by the minute and you sneer at them while praising your own country's relief efforts? That's pretty callous.

Good luck with your issues.

Moderator: Readers, no more sniping. Please focus your comments on the topic, not at each other.

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When a person or people need aid, it's great when they get it. Irrelevant to Haitians in need at the moment is if I applaud the International community. I am sure there are many who need more now. Having said a couple prioritizing points I can now say I am proud some can afford to do something and feel for the Haitian community.

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The response has been excellent so far, both in monetary and material terms. The tendency of some here to engage in games on oneupsmanship over how much/little individual countries make, is appalling.

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What a sad indictment of our modern world when a natural disaster occurs and the first words from some mouths are a partisan rant and sniping at a country they have been socialized to hate. Those who hate for a living will always find room to inject hate.

I think that the response to Haiti is about as good as it can be, given that the nation has only one major airport and is completely devastated. How sad that politics and nationalism have made us blind to the fact that many nations, many whom are not very friendly, are working together to do what they can for the meekest people in the Western Hemisphere.

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"Doctors without borders", is a very effective organization and will be of great assistance in helping the Haitians. I believe China was the first developing country to send a good size contingent of personnel to help in the disaster. Thanks to all the countries who have pledged to donate monies and/or people to help in the rescue efforts of the Haitians. The only regrets are the dead bodies were stacked up blocking roads because some of the Haitians believed aid wasn't quick enough. The other problem is the looting that's taking place.

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It should be noted here that a big thank you goes to all people and governments who have taken to this emergency with donations of aid and money and food and water. People of the world now is the time to put hatred away and never bring it out again. Thank you to all the volinteers

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I think it's great.

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Having kept up with the latest news from abroad, I think the response is as good as it could be. In fact, the Haitians have begun delaying the response by their own actions. The US is by far the leader in the effort to aid Haiti. BUT, I am disgusted by US politicians who are clearly lining up for the cameras for purely political purposes. They ARE exploiting this crisis. And they are prominent members of the US Democratic Party now in control of Congress. I support my country for good reason, but I also have the liberty to criticize it for good reason. Nor am I overly impressed by CNN and Anderson Cooper who show up like some saviors when they are also exploiting the crisis for ratings (and CNN is way down in viewer ratings). These politicians and talking heads can just visit the disaster and leave whenever they like, unlike the Haitians. So, the rescue effort on the part of the US, apart from the politicians and CNNs, is the best it can be. Funny thing to see Democrats and CNNs in lockstep. Actually not so funny as most Americans have already gotten fed up with likes of CNN who no longer make any effort at unbiased objective reporting.

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I wonder when Castro and Chavez will make their pledges of aid. I will admit that Chavez did send relief supplies to New Orleans after Katrina, but I think it was just an act to snub "W".

To some who say the amount a nation gives doesn't matter, well it does. China, has given only $1 million so far that I have heard, and I have not heard anything from Russia. So these countries that go around making the most noise about the end of US dominance and why we are arrogant in our approach to the world and it should change need to realize that it does indeed take a lot more to be a superpower. You have to be able to support other nations in times of need. Arab nations are quick to point out in their media outlets when either he US or Israel (who sent some of their medical doctors to help) do something to their arab neighbors, but never report when their nations provide support (probably becuase they don't or provide so little).

However, I think the real tragedy in all of this lies not with the Hatian people but those who are supposedly their leaders. The US has spent over a billion dollars there since Clinton was president, and the infrastructure of the nation is still a shambles. The massive corruption and lawlessness there is a shame. I say send money to support, but make suer that the supplies and aid go directly to the people, and not the crooks in charge who hoard the supplies and sell them to the black market.

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I feel that many here have missed the point of the question! That question being how is the response so far?

What many have not taken into account is what was the situation in Haiti before the Quake!

The UN and international peace keeper were virtually the only thing standing between the Haitian people and the many lawless groups that have terrorized the country for years!

So it is a priority for the international community to get that infrastructure up and running in order to avoid an even greater disaster.

Countries such as the USA and Canada will undoubtedly be responding in a greater and direct way due to the close ties and large Haitian communities in those countries how other countries respond is yet to be seen but logistics are a major factor in all this!

The one airport in the country lost its tower and the port has been virtually destroyed, there has been no word from just about every Haitian leader from ministers, members of their parliament right down to the police!

This put many of the foreign governments and relief organizations in a situation where if they act unilaterally they could end up doing more harm then good!

All in all considering the basket case Haiti was before this disaster I am surprised at how fast things have been going!

What the people of Haiti need right now is less finger pointing and more positive ideas and solutions!

From the reporting I have seen regular Haitians have been doing incredible things with the little they have now if only their leaders would crawl out of there hiding places and start leading!

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The positives: Governments of the world putting aside differences by responding quickly in sending relief teams to work amidst an apocalyptic scenario. Obama, Bush and Clinton working in cooperation to help Haiti.

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I'm waiting for the accusations that the US is not doing enough and that we are there as an invading force.

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This Pat Robertson`s take on it http://www.nzherald.co.nz/natural-disasters/news/video.cfm?c_id=68&gal_objectid=10620593&gallery_id=108831

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Three cheers for the US ! $100 million in government aid, military troops on the ground, doctors, nurses, search dogs, heli's, and to top it off the US private sector has already gathered $150 million !!! As the worlds second largest economy... Japan needs to quit dragging it's feet and pony up some yen ! My Japanese wife is totally hazukashiid by her nations poor performance.

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