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What do you think of the level of security at airports you have been to recently?


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When I notified that there was a purse (forgotten by some less than intelligent female being, who rushed to the bus) on a bench next to a bus station, two police guys nonchalantly walked to it, looked it over and called someone else, blocking the bench off for others. Not the smartest bunch, but at least they did do something.

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Depends on where you are. Heathrow is easier than Narita. Central Air is easier than Narita. Seattle and Honolulu are fine, though the latter was a bit understaffed that day we transited. through.

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It's alright. Went through Sjeremetevo in Moscow this summer to and from Japan, and they could use an upgrade. No lines, just unorganized crowds, and a leak in the ceiling dripped on me :( but when we finally got to the check, at least it was quick and easy.

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No complaints but Seattle airport is a dump.

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The level of security at an airport can't be high enough as far as I am concerned.

Every airport should be equipped with full body scanners, iris scans, finger prints and facial recognition systems as well as their security staff being granted  acces to criminal databases around the world in order to perform necessary background checks to stop bad apples from entering or leaving a certain city or country.

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El Air have very strict security for obvious reasons. Some passengers were strip searched even.

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Some passengers were strip searched even.

OMGhosh! Did you watch?

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