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What do you think of the name Kizuna, which nine DPJ defectors have chosen to call their new party?


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DPJ defectors defying their own party can not be called Kizuna, it is called "unfaithfully yours!"

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It's a snappy name.

But, as a number of posters have said since its announcement, totally ironic; and seemingly the irony is lost on those in the party.

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Isn't "kizuna" also supposed to be the kanji/word of 2011? So the defectors/leaders think it's a trendy catch-phrase that will encourage others to blindly join the party, regardless of what their platform is. The Japanese people are probably smarter than that.

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The name itself means nothing. A beautifully wrapped gift box without contents is actually an insult.

They can call it "Pokemon Party" if they want. What matter the most is what they can do for Japanese people.

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Right up there with Tachiagare Nippon (Stand Up Japan).

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Just what the DPJ needs - another fire to put out....

Maybe the Communists will make better leaders in 2012!

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