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What do you think of the names that Japanese automakers give to their cars?


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Almost 100% have an "L" in them. Sure makes it tough for them to say the names of their own cars.

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In my opinion, the names they give are great, perfect for the international market but they should give their cars Japanese names, I think it would honor the country and the people who made them more

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We have a Daihatsu Thor, which despite the name is not a very powerful car.

I also enjoy annoying my kids by shouting "You're not my real wagon!" every time we see a Honda Stepwagon.

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Always laugh when I see the Toyota ISIS!

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Always laugh when I see the Toyota ISIS!

And why is that?

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The Daihatsu Naked was a good one.

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The Mitsubishi Legnum. My legs feel numb already.

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Subaru Levorg - backwards G R O V E L ;-)

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Subaru Levorg - backwards G R O V E L ;-)

Legnum backwards - mungel ;-)

Mazda Laputa. Laputa in Spanish means lady of the night ;-)

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My favourite current one is the Toyota Tank. I mean, who doesn't want to drive a tank?

(It doesn't have much in the way of main armament)

The one that annoys me is the Honda Odyssey. Not because it's a bad name, but because it uses the English spelling but has a mangled katakana Greek? pronunciation. It's something like "oh dess say", which sounds ultra pretentious. If you want to pronounce it as Greek, spell it as Greek, not English.

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Bongo. The original bonkers name. Naked is just stupefying as a marketing choice.

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Mitsubishi Starion. Was that a mis-spelling on Stallion?

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Some of my favorites:

Nissan Cube (real original)

Toyota Comfort (indeed it is)

Mazda (wooooooooooooooooo) Flair


Daihatsu Naked (yes please)

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And what really is the meaning of Qashqai?

I think it's better to put into the series with the year.

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Most of the names are meaningless junk. Why can't they come up with better names? (Naked...well).

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In USA, Tundra and Tacoma trucks use Toyota’s TRD... What?! TRD?! We know what it stands for, Toyota Racing Development, but we also know what TRD looks like. Ridiculous.

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Most of the names make no sense, and do not refer to any identifiable feature of the vehicle they're attached to. There again "Haagen Dazs" has no meaning whatsoever, but people still seem to buy it... Much prefer cars whose names refer to their model, engine type, and displacement ala BMW, Benz and Lexus.

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