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What do you think of the phrase 'Act of God' that insurers in many countries use to deny claims in times of natural disasters?


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Is the phrase actually used in insurance policies these days?

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Just a way of avoidiing payout. Tongue in cheek at best.

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Makes insurances pointless.

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I wouldn't want to be God's defense attorney!

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As long as it is clearly defined, it’s inevitable. Do you expect an insurance company to rebuild a city after a tidal wave? They would run out of funds on the first day, or else they would have to charge such a high premium that nobody could afford it.

Insurance companies are karmically blessed in that they wish you a healthy life with no problems.

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God has a lot to answer for then. Insurance take your money and then try to find ways not to pay when needed. Like putting your money into a bank that goes bankrupt.

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Just a necessary term for events that can't reasonably be priced into your premiums. Generally even if it occurs the government has the ability to compensate then levy tax if need be.

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