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What do you think of the quality of food sold in convenience stores in Japan? Has it improved since you first came to Japan?


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Chemical factories, but convenience wons. Dehealthing the nation, but they sell what people want so power to them.

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Yeah, it's improved a lot, by leaps and bounds. I like the mixed salad bags, desserts and even the coffee machines. The coffee isn't the best but it's quite fresh and 100 times better than the canned coffee that was only available before.

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Over a 10 year span, I'd say its not changed much. Not noticeably anyways. I guess the variety has increased, for better or worse. I should also mention, I don't think the quality was bad 10 years ago either. I don't think you can really live a healthy life on it though....

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As far as convenience food goes; it's excellent. As is the service.

One can't help but admire the staff in retail. It's not as easy as it looks, comrades.

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I can't really speak about how much it has improved in the past, but compared to US convenience store food, it's gourmet.

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Without doubt has changed. Far more offerings than the ubiquitous onigiri and can coffee of decades ago.

But with this system of "fresh" variety multiple times a day we get huge wastage. The problem is well known, but I wonder what is really being done to address it.

And the in you face displays of manga porn / overly sexualised material have been somewhat moderated so I don't have to see barely clad lolitas when I buy my humble sandwich.

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I only go there when desperate and nothing else is available. Horrible junk food. Hasn't changed in years.

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You can eat pretty well from conbini food and now they have Lawson Fresh. In the US gas station convenience stores are very good.

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Definitely getting better. Obviously lots of waste, and packaged bentos have lots of plastic, which some people simply throw out of their car windows for inaka locals to pick up :(

If you are out exploring inaka by car or on two wheels, convenience stores mean you are never that far from half-decent food. I wouldn't use them for day-to-day sustenance, but for this purpose, they are very good, especially for cycling where you don't want to carry anything.

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It remains the same. No progression. And rip off on price, too.

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Family Mart's chicken has improved to the point where it makes no sense to pay 3 times as much for KFC.

Their milk is actually a bit cheaper than the local supermarket's cheapest milk, and their mixed fruit juice is quite good and only 158 yen / liter.

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Chemical factories

I often hear people say this, but when I ask for evidence or specifics, so far I have heard none. Can you specify?

Horrible junk food. Hasn't changed in years.

All junk food? Even the fresh fruits and vegetables, the fresh salads...? And it has changed considerably over the years.

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Yes and no.

Depends on the store,where and timing with the 'just-in-time' delivery of fresh and good stuff.

Still a lot of unappetising stuff if you get the above wrong.

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Processed food. Then and now.

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There is a place for this service.

The food is not always great(healthy) but it plugs a important gap.

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I notice I got a down vote, but no response to what chemicals are used by konbinis that aren't used in the same foods bought in a supermarket. That is pretty much the same response I have gotten for years when I ask people to elaborate what they mean by the stores having more chemicals. So, I assume it's simply an uninformed phobia about convenience stores.

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no response to what chemicals are used by konbinis that aren't used in the same foods bought in a supermarket.

Processed foods in general are not so good for you, whether bought at a combini or the supermarket. I try to eat mostly unprocessed foods myself, to avoid these chemicals.

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Processed foods in general are not so good for you, whether bought at a combini or the supermarket. 

Agreed. But the same people who tell me combinis are bad will then go out and buy heavily processed foods from the supermarket. Like the people who say McDonald's is bad, but then are happy to go out and eat and some super-discount izakaya, or Saizeriya. It's just knee-jerk condemnation of large targets.

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