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What do you think of the quality of French and Italian restaurants in Japan?


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Good and getting better, though I would say generally French is better than Itailan here.

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World class, at least in Tokyo. Les Saisons at the Imperial Hotel for French, and Elio's in Hanzomon (I think) for Italian are outstanding, but there are so many more. There are so many fine young Japanese chefs who trained in Europe and are now setting up their own restaurants here.

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As good as you would get anywhere else. And you are never very far from an Italian joint in Tokyo. I think I read somewhere that after Japanese Italian is the next most eaten food.

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Italian: Great.

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Both fantastic, especially in Tokyo. Could list at least 5 of each cuisine that are world class.

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Both World Class - Only bettered in their home countries.

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French nice. Italian... a joke. Tabasco on a pizza? Potatoes and mayo pizza? Seaweed and Tarako in spaghetti???? No thank you!!!!!!!!!

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They generally miss the magic in the food. They don't get beyond the mechanics and never seem to make the music of the food.

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@pizzatime: Have you actually been to any good Italian Restaurants here? Pizza-La is NOT an Italian restaurant.

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Some of the best, some of the worst. The chef/owner run restaurants where the chef has traveled over seas, takes pride in his/her dishes, and serves authentic food. On the other hand the fancy chains that serve Japanese Italian and make you feel special only. On a side note, It always cracks me up to watch the Japanese men WOOF down pasta without chewing.

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Italian... a joke. Tabasco on a pizza? Potatoes and mayo pizza? Seaweed and Tarako in spaghetti???? No thank you!!!!!!!!!

Relax, my friend; it's not meant to be authentic. I've eaten some great Italian-Japanese combinations here. Give it a chance, you might like it : )

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I heard the Joel Robuchon restaurants in Tokyo have some of the best French cuisine in the world. I've never been however.

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There are both bad and good places, just gotta know where to find them. I have to admit, never been to a French restaurant, but there is one very good Italian restaurant called Santa Lucia in Osaka, near Honmachi station.

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We have both a nice Italian cafe and French restaurant here in south Iwate. The French place is a little more upscale and more expensive, but the Italian place has a great atmosphere and great pasta. The only complaint is that the Italian cafe is so popular, the waitress is a little overworked. The French place is off the main track and very quiet, much more suited for a romantic rendezvous. I recommend both spots to my friends and visitors depending on the event. Both proprietors have trained in Europe. There is another great Italian restaurant next to Sendai station.

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Peters, in The Peninsula. Countless others. French cuisine in Tokyo might be better than in France itself.

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There are quality French and Italian restaurants that are reasonably priced, especially at lunchtime. There are some great lunch deals.

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I believe I tried Les Saisson- its mediocre and massively overpriced. Ami Vibe is much better and much cheaper but there are many cheaper and better restaurants like La Chouchette in Urawa and L`Albret de Pin in Kita Urawa.

Unfortunately Japanese Chefs never taste their own food- we went to a bistro and you see the fat main chef tasting everything and the food was great and their staff never experience their own service that's why it has low uncomfortable seats with bad back rests except by accident.

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I love love love the french and Italian places I go to around Japan and having the variety of traditional Italian and the Japanese style Italian makes going to Italian restaurants easier for me and my family and my father in law usually prefers Japanese flavors.

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@pizzatime Saizeriya & Pizza La is not exactly the best representation of Italian restaurants in Japan.

It's microwave fast food restaurants.

I think Japan's Italian & French restaurants are better than or the equivalent of France & Italy's best restaurants.

Plus the proportion is the same size... American Italian restaurants are too big ( portion wise ) and bland...

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they probably serve good food but then, I can probably eat some good italian food in new york city or toronto.. world class is a matter of opinion, made up by some magazine article. World class to one may not be the same to another

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I have to disagree with you. There are many EXCELLENT Italian restaurants in the States. One of my favorites has the best fried shrimp I've ever had, and cheap compared to a seafood restaurant.

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@malfupete: There ARE plenty of world class French and Italian restarants in Tokyo alone. Its not just 'made up' by magazines. In no way would anyone dispute the fact that you would find world class food in New York either. The quality og ingredients here and the consistentcy of the chefs however, I believe is unparraleled. You may have to pay up, but that wasn't the question.

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Pasta is absurdly overpriced. 800 or 900 yen for a lunchtime plate of carbs whose ingredients costs less then 100 yen? Criminal.

For French and Italian, the fish is typically excellent in quality and preparation. The bread is hit or miss.

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well, Nessie, 8000 Yen for a plate of Pasta with White Truffles (in season) is a lot of money too but it sure tastes good at one of my favorite restaurants!

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Salvatore's Pizza has magnifico lasagne!

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Hey guys why don't we let a French or a Italian person make the comment, they know they food better we do me think.

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It all depends. If you want to eat at a good, authentic-French/Italian restaurant in Japan (I live in in Fukuoka) You can find them, it's NOT impossible, you just need to look properly and thoroughly. Pizza is one of my favorite foods and I usually like either Italian or NY style and I know of a restaurant that is about 37km away from my house (Italian) the owner (Japanese) lived and studied culinary in Italy specializing in pizza making and the guy has all kinds of awards adorning his wall and he makes pizza just as good as any Italian or New Yorker. The way he makes his crust, the sauce, the condiments and the Vino, pure ecstasy. Japan has nothing to do whether you can get authentic tasting food or not, it depends on the chef, NOT the nationality. I hate to say this, but some Japanese chefs that specialize in either French or Italian can sometimes do a far better job than their native counterparts. You have a lot of Japanese chefs that love authentic tasting food and will study their butts off to recreate classic dishes, they put a lot of years and passion into their cooking, so this notion that Japanese can't cook international cuisine is a total myth. I have eaten some excellent Mexican, African and even Soul Food in Japan, blew my mind. I don't know about the Tokyo area, but I am sure, they have excellent international foods there served by Japanese chefs that know what they are doing.

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I'm near Fukuoka too. Any chance of a hint as to where exactly this place is? 37 k ... Kurume?

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Honestly, the name escapes me, but I am telling you this pizza shop in Kurume city, just right under the Nishitetsu line. Everything is within walking distance from the station. Follow it as if you are going to Hanabatake and on the way about 5 min. walk on your left there is a 7 eleven, it's right around there, to your left. Pizza is probably one of the best in Kurume at least. Staff are very nice and the atmosphere is very relaxing. Pizza is more Nepalese in taste. Very authentic.

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Thanks, bass! : )

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