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What do you think of the quality of Japanese wines?


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A lot better than it used to be. I wouldn't buy it if others are available, but I don't shy away from buying it as a gift any more.

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Their whiskeys are pretty top notch surprisingly, even their micro brew beers are pretty good, but their wines....well, they have still a long way to go. Most Japanese wines I’ve tried in the past gave me a very nasty headache.

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Kobe wine is good but more expensive than foreign made, so....

There are many good grapes available....

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Decent, but you can get better at the same price.

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Best comments in my opinion.

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Expensive sour tasting grape juice. if you want an alcohol buzz, beer is great.

Now watch someone come along and say beer is expensive sparkling water with barley and hops in it, lol.

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No. Beer is what the Greek gods drank.

Wine was the end-product in the porcelain....

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Never seen it, is it marketed out side Japan?

Have tried, Mexican, Moldovan, Israeli, Indian “champagne” (disgusting), wines from all over the Americas, the Antipodes and Africa but have never come across Japanese wine, Sake yes but not wine.

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A few years ago, I got two bottles if Nagano wine as a present. Not cheap, about 3000 yen for a bottle. It was horrible! I really hope that they got it better in recent years

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Awful. Far too sweet, like drinking undiluted squash.

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I have had some decent Japanese wines - visited the Cave D'Occi winery in Niigata, but really quite expensive.

The climate is not great for wine on the whole and the product is not great compared to what you can buy from Australia or South America for less.

Japan should focus on what it does well, rather than things it will never be able to do that well. However, I may be proven wrong one day on this - I hope so.

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I was hired by Tepco for some contract work and our meetings were held at their Onsen/meeting facility in Karuizawa. My primary contact found out about my love of fine wine, during our first dinner and, much to my surprise she authorized the uncorking of about bottles of a Nagano Cabernet, that was ¥10,000 on the menu. It was a delightful wine and my hosts made sure have it available nightly during my week there. I was invited back the following year and they made sure to bring in a variety of high end Japanese wines to showcase. These wines were excellent by international standards and not the cheap sweet wines you tend to find in Yamanashi. That was more than a decade ago and I will never forget the experience.

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