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What do you think of the way Japanese fans cheer for their teams at baseball and soccer games?


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Full of energy, but a little too choreographed

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Not bad, what is more, I'm proud of how Japanese fans do for the games. Songs and cheers are united to encourage players to do their best. Also, they seldom show their disappointment to the players and opponents. Their politeness in cheering is often praised in the media from lots of countries. Therefore, it's worth praising.

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Strange question?

Is it trying to elicit something topical?

Fans of sports world wide cheer / support their teams however they want to.

The Japanese fans do it their way, Americans their way, Brazilians their way .....ad nauseum.

It's nothing so special.

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I agree with browny1

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In Europe at least soccer is often associated with lower socioeconomic class and hence they tend to be more likely to have hooligans than other sports. Beyond that Japanese seem normal in terms of sport fans.

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Plastic sticks banging together is annoying.

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The sometimes very precise and obviously rehearsed choreography is both amusing and a little unsettling.

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Could be more energetic. Need more respect for the opponent. But polite enough .

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Koshien is fun if you go when the Tigers are playing.

Lots of women at both sports, so which is a good thing. No bad male energy around.

Biggest problem is TV commentaries, esp. for football. Often ruins the game.

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I don't like it. It's just too choreographed, the fans singing and chanting enthusiastically enough, but just don't seem to be really into it - it's like they are there being payed to do a job. Going to a football game in the UK is completely different - the fans are totally engaged in the game - they may be singing something one second, but then a second later a big chance comes and the song is forgotten about as they start screaming for them to score the goal. In Japan, that doesn't really happen - they just carry on singing the song in the same way, almost oblivious to what is going on on the pitch. Also there is way more spontaneity and humour at a sports event in the UK - often at the expense of the opposing team or their supporters, but they will also have a go at their own players or team if they are playing particularly badly. I'm sure to some it might come across as rather intimidating or aggressive, but to me in Japan it's just completely lame and boring by comparison.

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