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What do you think of those 100-yen shops in Japan?


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They're great ! Why do you ask ???

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You mean those 108-yen shops, don't you?

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Great shops.

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What I like about them is they always manage to sell me things I didn't really know I needed or wanted until I came across it.

Also good place to buy souvenirs as most people outside of Japan (and many inside of Japan) can't really tell the difference between a set of four Y100 bowls and a Y5,000 collection.

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My partner often gets good quality complimentary wines and spirits in her job. Glenfiddich and Chivas taste just fine in a ¥108 glass. Come to think of it, every item of cutlery, glass, cup or dish we have came from the ¥100 shop.

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One should be careful, as we have found that some of the goods can be found elsewhere for about 60 yen.

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They're fun to browse around in. Seems as if China, where most of the items come from, makes just about everything around nowadays ... And occasionally I do find things made right here in Japan ...

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I bought my knives, forks and spoons in a hundred yen shop. I have noticed exactly the same cutlery in many bars and restaurants.

I think there are many useful things in them. They are a great place for stationery, kitchen utensils and tools. Some other things are great, too. I have bought socks from them. They are some of the few places that have socks over 26cm, and my toes go through 26cm socks in no time.

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Daiso is pretty good for variety.

But Seria seems to have better quality.

Either shop though, I often find it necessary to take out a knife and trim the plastics, or strengthen things with duck tape BEFORE they break, etc.

One of the handiest things they have are bags. Just simple bags for me to put some of my teaching materials/ games in. The drawback is that the bags mostly tend to have extremely feminine patterns.

You do have to be careful though. Some things are not even worth 100 yen, even some things that are exclusive to these stores.

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Most of the merchandize in the 100-yen shops is cheap Chinese trash, but I love them anyway. They are great to browse around, and occasionally one can find some useful cheap gimmick there.

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I LOVE these shops!! Every time we go to Japan, this is where we buy most of our omiyage from!! There is now a Daiso here in Australia (although it's a $2.80 shop!) & it is always busy!! Most of my chopsticks & kitchen crockery is from these shops, along with all our stationary, pet goods & some beauty products!

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it's nice obviously. if you wish starting live alone, you can buy almost everything you need in there apart from furnitures. There is 1 pound land in UK but it's not like Japanese 100 yen shop in a bad way. well, it's the thing when I compere those. 1 pound land is still nice though.

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Great!!! I've gotten a lot of tools, stationary, kitchen utensils and munchies. They usually have English as well as many other languages describing there use too. Oh, and lots of different kinds of LED lights, great for back up lighting!!! But watch out for the foods coming from China!!!

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