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What do you think of those long black gloves and dark visors that some women in Japan wear during summer?


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I completely understand the reasoning behind it, but when you think about it, Japanese women are always covered, winter they're covered, spring, they're covered, it's still a little crisp and summer, they're really covered and the fall gets chilly so they're covered again. Their skin virtually never gets a break of fresh air. You don't see a lot of beaches overly crowded and the covering up thing is so bad now, you have high school girls wearing gloves to school, some with parasols and I've been seeing quite a few men with gloves and parasols as well. I'm not going to judge anyone, because they have the right to dress and as they wish, I don't look down on anyone, whatever makes people happy, but for me, I'm careful about the sun, but I would never deprive myself of feeling a nice breeze on my skin.

Each to his own.

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I think nothing of it. I have more important things to do with my time than worry about how other people dress.

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I always get a long hard look to see if they are the people on the wanted posters at my local Koban. Visor + mask + sunglasses + gloves = possible fugitive.

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Unattractive and unnecessary. But it's a free world.

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They wear the gloves to prevent sun damage to their skin, and sun visors to protect their face and eyes from the glare of the sun. The visors are more practical than sunglasses which you have to take on and off when you go indoors, and get greasy from sweat and oil.

That's what I think. I also think that the day we stop judging people on their appearance will be a very good one.

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Relax. It looks silly. Put on sunscreen.

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If someone has a REAL medical reason no sweat, great. However for the majority its seems pretty daft to me!

As already mentioned, sunscreen, had, shades & your good.

People need to remember we need vitamin D & we get that from the sun!

Common sense is all that's needed, these visors etc are simply overkill

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Just the visors irk me - when the women (I have seen men with them once or twice) ride bicycles or drive cars with them on, it isn't possible to see which direction they are looking, if they have seen me walking, riding or driving.

Kind of funny, most Japanese don't wear sunglasses because they think the look is associated with the Yakuza. But those visors just look horrible cumbersome and ridiculous, not to mention unattractive. At the same time with the glove, parasols and jackets, they still complain how hot it is, which just makes me shake my head in amazement.

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Just the visors irk me - when the women (I have seen men with them once or twice) ride bicycles or drive cars with them on, it isn't possible to see which direction they are looking, if they have seen me walking, riding or driving.

So, for me it is simply this safety issue.

Otherwise, whatever!

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I think its really weird. Yeah too much sun isnt good for you but you dont need to look like darth vader everytime you go outside. Yes, I am judging. If you do this i will find you weird. Just go outside.

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I just think they look ridiculous. I'll stop short of 'judging' those wearing them but as items/accessories, I think they look bad. The long gloves would be less irksome if they were better fitted, but the ones I see tend to look a little loose and baggy. They end up looking scruffy to me, even when the women is well-dressed otherwise.

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I find it curious when I see a women with a white mask covering all of her face, and a large hat pulled down so low that she can barely see--even on a cloudy day. I think for some it is a psychological problem, not a sun problem. Insecurity or something like that.

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I just think they are "Japanese" women (!)

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@pointofview - " it looks silly"? so does cancer.

As for sunscreen, find one that isn't sticky, doesn't stink of coconut, and has decent ingredients. That's a concern for many people.

People do mock these women, but really, why? I've seen a lot worse dressed in long shorts, skimpy shirts and overhanging bellies. Each to their own and whatever they want to wear, I reckon.

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I prefer them looking like Darth Vader to carrying on of those damned hikasa (parasol) and endangering my eyes every time they walk past me.

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If they're out in the sun for awhile, it makes sense. However, I've seen females don the long gloves and snap up a parasol to walk across the street - from one air conditioned department store to another one.

It makes me think they already have skin cancer and want to limit their exposure.

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Silly looking but effective. Vitamin D deficiency is probably not something they've heard of, though.

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They drive me wild with desire. I have a set at home and make the girlfriend wear them for fun.

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The gloves do look weird, like many Japanese I don't like those large black sunvisors especially when on a bicycle and fully folded down.

You can't see where the person is looking which makes their actions unpredictable. Those black visors seem to be mostly in Tokyo as they are less often seen in other Cities.

I know those are supposed to keep their skin white and protect from UV rays, a large selection of products now claim to do that. Like sun umbrellas but UV radiation comes from all sides, in Greece we tanned nicely while lying in the shade of pine trees.

Nothing wrong with a tan, IMHO. Most of those ladies don't work outdoors.

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Personally I have no problem with it, each to their own, but what really does it , is when they have so much of the UV protective clothing on , on a sticky summers day and they say "ATSUI NEHH!!! C'mon Really!!!

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In a country where older women sometimes have green hair and hello kitty handbags, long black gloves in summer barely registers on the fashion richter scale.

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Would it actually be so hard for someone to design UV protective clothing and accessories which actually looks alright?

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Yes, they look ridiculous but at least they are not a nuisance to others like the parasols.

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My thoughts exactly. Nobody cares what the skin of a 60year old woman looks like, so why bother? If you are that concerned about that sun, put on a little sunscreen. Are they just trying to keep their skin white so people associate them with the aristocracy or something?

That said, I've noticed the sunscreen in Japanese stores is really weak, maybe SPF30 at most. One of my more outdoor-minded girls was shocked when I showed her American SPF100 sunscreen.

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In a word ridiculous. What about that area between the long gloves and their sleeveless or short sleeved shirt. No imagine these ladies with stripes.

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I observe that the majority of women wearing these items are old hags.

Why are they even bothering?

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The visors look better than baseball caps. Pretty much anything does.

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