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What do you think the outcome of the war in Ukraine will be?


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it could go in the following outcomes:

it becomes another Syria, a long and drawn-out insurgency if the status quo (assuming Russian forces cannot be kicked out of Ukraine) maintains.

Transform into a war that will eventually involve the rest of NATO. assuming Russian forces capture the majority of Ukraine and the fighting spills over to a NATO member state, that is. I don't want to sound as a fear monger, but, Ukraine could be the first of many.

Russia drops a dirty bomb on Ukraine. It has been done in Syria.

Ukrainian forces with the help of international volunteers and western allies eventually beat back the Russian invasion after drawing them out.

Russia just loses steam. Hopefully, the sanctions and international condemnation work as well as the mounting and irreplaceable losses by the Russian military.
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As Russia outlined beforehand

For some reason the Western media is full of 'Putin whisperers' with the telepathic ability to read his mind rather than simply reading and listening to what Russia puts out

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this cant be solved by war.

Ukraine gov had 8 long years to solve problems that had at home but did NOTHING.Zelensky did NOTHING.

problems can be solved by negotiation around the table.

put all of sour memories from past away and discuss.

there may be many options how to solve problems in near future.

i will leave at peace negotiators to find best ones will fit both sides.

neutral Ukraine,Ukraine as federal state,Ukraine as divided country/east and west separate government/ etc etc etc.

this war need to be stopped now.

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Death, destruction and misery.

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Putin death. If not by his own side it will be a Ukrainian 100%.

2 ( +8 / -6 )

Wrong question. That’s already become much more complex than to be limited to categories like war, outcome or Ukraine.

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neutral Ukraine,Ukraine as federal state,Ukraine as divided country/east and west separate government/ etc etc etc.

@Eastman: Even if that IS the outcome, you find that perfectly acceptable? Putin would then be free to take whichever parts of Georgia and Moldova he feels should be 'Russian'

@Wobot . Sadly,I am unable to comment on your reply as I will be banned for 24 hours.

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Putin death. If not by his own side it will be a Ukrainian 100%.

Putin s a war criminal. My bet is that he will be executed. But yes, there’s also the possibility of an insider getting the job done. Either way, he’s a dead man.

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Western media is full of 'Putin whisperers' with the telepathic ability to read his mind 

How can anyone read his mind? He’s out of it.

What do I think the outcome of the war will be? Well hopefully all the ordinary Russian mothers and fathers whose teenage conscript sons went off on a training exercise and either came home in a closed casket or went MIA will rise as one and tear Putin limb from limb. Actually or figuratively, I don’t mind. Just so long as he exits in ignominy.

Then russia can spend the next three decades paying to rebuild Ukraine.

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"I am your brother, let me love you to death" Russia will find that the hatred that has been generated by this terrible violation and invasion across the Ukrainian borders has been driven so deep that sadly there will never be any end to it.

The most awful mistake has been made.

7 ( +10 / -3 )

We none of us know.

I hope cleo is right.

Untill such happy outcome russia and the Demented Dwarf Poo tin will continue to cause death, misery and destruction in Ukraine and if he thinks he can get away with it in other countries as well.

wobot by name and robot by nature, mechanically pushing the kleptocratic kremlin line. As russia/poo tin have repeatedly and consistently lied what you suggest is an exercise in futility.

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simply reading and listening to what Russia puts out

Everyone has seen what russia put out in Bucha.

And Mariupol.

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Informed journalist at NYTimes suggests Putin just wants the oil and natural gas deposits in Eastern Ukraine. Getting rid of Zelensky would have been a nice to have.

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I think Ukraine will lose unfortunately.

-4 ( +3 / -7 )

The outcome will be a smaller or even non existent Ukraine.

Russia with no credibility in Europe and across much of the world for generations.

Putin and his government will be shunned for as long as he is in power, by the West and others who have condemned Russia's invasion.

Tens of thousands of dead on both sides but many more dead Ukrainians.

The west will rue not transferring all soviet aircraft to Ukraine and not having the courage to stand up to Russia and set up no fly zones in Ukraine.

Russia is stronger and has more resources and its domestic infrastructure remains undamaged while Ukraine's abilities to manufacture and fight is being degraded by precision missile strikes over time.

Unless nations are prepared to give the most modern arms in tanks and fighters and defensive missile systems of mid and long range, then Ukraine will eventually fall. They must realise this is a long term war and spend the time to train Ukraine forces in their nations, to use modern western weapons systems over the next three to six months and then have them deployed to change the balance of power in the war. Let Ukraine buy the weapons it needs on credit if necessary. Limiting arms to short range SAM's and AT weapons will slow down the Russians but not allow Ukraine to win the war.

One on one with equal conventional weapons the Ukrainians can win. Keep the weapons disadvantage and you ensure that without a miracle, Ukraine will eventually fall, and the end death toll will be horrific.

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Impossible to know what the outcome will be on the ground, but one thing is for sure;

All those people with a Ukraine flag in their social media posts will forget why they had it there in the first place.

They've already moved on to the new shiny object their media instructs them to.

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What I think will happen is basically how things have been laid out. Donbas and Luhansk will become autonomous areas closely affiliated with Russia and Ukraine will be permanently neutral. How long that takes remains to be seen, it could end tomorrow if the leadership wanted it to. The longer it goes the worst it gets for basically everyone. After that the social media buzz will die out as fast as the financial aid, and a lot more unfortunate civilians will suffer as a result. I give it 3-6 months after the end of hostilities for all the Ukranian flag profiles to change to the Next Thing. The lives impacted will, sadly, never truly recover.

What I hope will happen is that after all that happens, all the backlash to Russia will destabilize Putin's control (contrary to what some people here think, I have no love lost for Putin) and the communist party can take control of Russia again. Also that all the anti-Russsian at least begins to fade away. I am obviously being excessively optimistic on both counts.

-5 ( +1 / -6 )

I think a lot of down votes are coming from people hoping and not wanting the Ukrainians to lose. I don't want them to lose either.

But I think Peter14 is correct in his assessments on why, how, and what will cause the Russians to eventually win and what the West will regret afterwards for what may perhaps be their shortcomings.

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Stalemate. And so some kind of uneasy truce with Russia keeping some of its ill-gotten gains

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The upcoming battle with the main of whats left of the Ukrainian army in the east will be fought in mainly open territory, this favors the Russians, as apposed to defending a city which favors the defender. Eve so, the Russians took the cities essential to their final aims. The Ukrainians have no chance, the weapons from the west will not "win" the war at best prolong it so more die on both sides.

The end will be Russia getting the south from Crimea to Dombass including enough north of Crimea to protect the water supply. The extreme nationalists in the government will "resign". The Ukraine will make assurances that it will remain "neutral" and never become a Nato member.

On a geopolitical level, the world will again become split in two. The US and its vassal states on one side and Russia/ China on the other. With India and the majority of world being "non-aligned" but gradually becoming more pro China as China's power grows and the US declines further. It looks like Germany has decided that its dependence on US power is a mistake and is expanding its military. It was Germany and France who warned against Nato expansion into Ukraine only to be ignored by saint Obama.

Interesting times ahead...

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I don't know the answer to this, but it is a very important question.

My suspicion is that the cost to Ukraine of escalating/prolonging the war will not be worth the improvement in the endgame such escalation/prolonging would achieve. An honorable retreat that stops the killing, dislocation, and destruction asap would be best if the end result is already inevitable. This is of course "least worst" thinking and not to say Russia deserves any "honour" from this, because they certainly don't.

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this war need to be stopped now.

Why? Because people are being killed? That’s the aggressors threat: give us what we want or else. And there will be much more … else … especially as Putin sends in more Chechans, Syrian, and Russian “experts” to terrorize the civilian population.

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Not quite sure what I "think", but I "hope" Putin gets his arse kicked, I "fear" Ukraine will not get enough help and I'm "prepared" for WW3. Not that I would like to die from radiation sickness in my dingy old flat, but I would rather suffer that than enduring more years of Putinism.

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The outcome? Zelensky gets pied in the face by Vlad.

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Russia will eventually end their attack and invasion of the entire country. But, will remain ensconced in the Eastern region, either propping up a puppet regime of a new "sovereign" nation, or simply annexing it as part of Russia, probably the former.

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