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What do you think were the biggest Japan and international stories this year?


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Japan: Softbank's debacle over WeWork. (The US China trade is turning out to be non-story given its economic effects ).

International: the roaring US economy and stock market, in defiance of all predictions by the globalism-loving neo-lib economists (aka, "e-wronga-mists).

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Japan screwing over Ghosn.

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I guess the terrible flooding in Chiba and the advent of Reiwa.

And, to a lesser extent, the recent Rugby World Cup.

The above are both domestic and international stories, as for abroad, I guess the rise of populism and bigotry and the countdown to the end of the Trump era.

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Japan screwing over Ghosn.

Agreed. Japan's abhorrent legal system has been exposed.

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Japan: New emperor/Reiwa, typhoons, Ghosn, spats with SK

International: Trump impeachment, Brexit, trade wars, Greta Thunberg/environment (415ppm CO2, Bolsonaro)

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Japan: without a doubt Sawajiri Erikas drug possession scandal, it got headline coverage for three weeks. Priorities hey.

International: unfortunately, Greta and the trouble making eco warriors she’s managed to con into her bandwagon

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