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What do you think were the top news stories in Japan and overseas in 2014?


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Ruble turning into rubble, whether it was the west's doing or not.

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Several big news stories of 2014

worldwide: 1) Two Malaysian airlines flight, MH370, the mysterious disappearance, and MH17, which were tragically shot down over a war zone in eastern Ukraine.

2) the 2014 Crimea Crisis and the ongoing 2014 Russian military intervention in Ukraine.

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Luckily, Japan did not have any major natural disasters in 2014, so the top news story, IMO, might well have been that it continues to have strained relations with its two most-significant neighbors, SK and China. No real top-level summits took place, which is concerning.

Internationally, IMO, it is the rise of ISIS and the threat that group poses to stability in the mid-east. With Putin's continued nose-thumbing at the West, especially Obama, a close second.

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Err, think the Hiroshima mudslides and Mt. Ondake volcanic eruptions would count as major natural disasters, IMHO

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Err. IMHO, you are just trying to be contrary. As tragic as they were, less than 100 people were killed in total between the two. About 30,000 folks committed suicide there last year by comparison, so those, IMHO, hardly quailify as "major".

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Malaysia Airlines and the fact that it shows air travel is not as safe as we assume (see Air Asia today). Ukraine/Crimea. ISIS. Oil price slide. US economic "recovery" while EU stagnates and slides further into social chaos. Abenomics. Kim Kardashian's a++ pictures.

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Malaysia Airlines and the fact that it shows air travel is not as safe as we assume

Compare the risk of accident when flying as compared to driving a car, and then come back and see if you still want to make that statement.

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I saw something on TV (maybe QI) where they claimed that the idea that planes are so much safer than cars is a myth.

Sure, way fewer people die in plane accidents, but way fewer people spend way less time in the air than in cars.

If you allow for this, the statisticians were saying, then the odds of a fatal accident are about the same.

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I still want to make that statement. the two Malaysia airlines stories dominated the news for weeks. question wasn't is flying safer than driving.......... but what were big news stories. anyway, i still think that all the recent air disasters and specially the unusual nature of them have focussed the mind on the supposed safety of flying.

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I agree ML was a big deal in the news. Unfortunately news is more and more dominated by Kim's ass, Prince George and how cute he is, One Direction and their various teen foibles and so on. UKIP and the fragmenting of UK politics was a big story. and then Russia and EU and oil and Ebola .....

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The Obama USA economy roaring back in the USA while the rest of the world continues to struggle. In Japan the failure of Abenomics is the big story of 2014.

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