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What do you think will be the biggest difference between candidate Trump and President Trump?


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Cute, Bertie. NOTHING AT ALL ! ! ! He will embarrass our country in front of the ENTIRE world. It turns my stomach just to think about it !

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I expect he will lie more.

I hope he will learn to keep his mouth shut.

I hope that congress doesn't give him most of the crazy ideas he promised, but undoing some of the wacky things President Obama did with executive orders would be nice.

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An even greater narcissist.

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No difference so far.

Within hours of his inauguration, all references to Climate Change were removed from the Whitehouse web page. Executive orders were being signed while Obama was helicoptered away, the "Cimate Action Plan and US waters" policy was abolished. Immediate action, not even waiting until Monday.

The Whitehouse page on LGBT issues vanished as well.

It looks as though Trump was not kidding about what he was going to do after he was elected. As busy as he has already been, Monday will probably bring a landslide of changes, the next four years will be interesting. On a side note, he promised to cut federal spending by 20%, and began with his own inauguration, which was done for 20% below budget.

A year ago I said that people should not underestimate Trump, and that he was a man who always got his way. He has proved that point rather clearly, yet even now people still continue to underestimate him. If Trumps says things will change, I have no doubt at all that they will, whether I agree with what he does, or not.

It has been said that Trump sleeps only 3 hours per night, and spends as much time as possible at work. Now that he controls both houses on congress, and the democrats foolishly changed the filibuster rules (when they thought they would win the Whitehouse and the senate majority), Trump has carte blanche to do almost anything he wants. As a man with considerable energy, and with with more power than any previous president since Lincoln....

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Will he replace Spanish with Russian as the first foreign language taught in USA?

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@klausdorth - To offer an answer to your query, Barack Obama.

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He will use a different plane

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Integrity, honesty, thickness of skin, poise, open-mindedness, sanity, to name just a few.

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No difference. They are both just as stupid as each other.

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It's that Putin will not help the Prez.

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No difference. They are both just as stupid as each other.


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Power corrupts absolute power corrupts YUUUUUUUUUUGEEELY

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The big difference.

As a candidate many believed him to be "Faking it". You know - just bellicose, boisterous, nonsensical campaigning.

As president many believe him to be not faking it. You know - just bellicose, boisterous, nonsensical for "Real."

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Nuclear weapons.

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Candidate Trump was merely an annoyance. President Trump is a danger to the entire world.

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Nothing, it still seems like he's campaigning judging by his hysterical ranting since the inauguration

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