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What do you think will happen to Japan's economy following Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's declaration of a state of emergency over the coronavirus?


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It will still continue to grow but will definitely slow down. But it would highly depend on the government's ability to keep the economy and the people afloat during the crisis, as well as rebuilding efforts after the crisis.

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state of emergency or not the economy will suffer. it already is

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my very Japanese company is still scheduling 6pm meetings at the office and they are asking me to go to a meeting Friday at a building that "has been cleaned from corona infection"

In other words, not much changing except sales going down and people being oblivious

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With GW out as somewhere to go, it's gonna be a nightmare for the travel and hotel industries.Particularly as they jack up prices GW time.Establishments folding for sure.

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Look at other countries for the answer.

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It will go down but how many people hurt and how long before it comes up again will depend on the governments response for dealing with it.

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I am predicting $1.00 to equal ¥170

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There could be a war with China. That may allow a debt reset.

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I think that small businesses like restaurants will suffer greatly, but the big corporations will profit, since staff are still forced to go into work, and some have increased overtime with the staggered train hours (in the companies' favor). They will also be the first to get bailouts, while I have yet to hear of a single person who has gotten assistance from the government. In other words, it'll be business as usual for big business, minus some staff getting sick and dying, but suffering for your average worker who will stay home to honor the request of the government, at their own expense. Already exports -- one of Abe's true loves -- is seeing a boost after his declaration, so in his eyes he's doing it right.

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Look at other countries for the answer.

But, but... Nihon dakara!

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Already even in the timid Japanese media you can hear TV commentators pointing out how small a percentage of the relief funds will be accessible to individual workers compared to the broader percentages in other nations dealing with the crisis. Also even how heavily the "world-leading relief package" skews to Japan Inc. and how the means testing will leave vast swaths of Japan's workforce out in the cold. Could be a harbinger of some profound change.

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