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What do you think will replace email as a form of communication in the future?


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What do you think will replace email as a form of communication in the future?

Neurolink BCI synthetic telepathy?

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Hasn't social media garbage already replaced email? Fortunately I haven't encountered too many websites that require SM, though.

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Japan never really adopted e-mail. Most people have e-mail accounts in order to sign up for services, but most do not check e-mail with frequency. Communication went from phone/fax to texting in the early 2000s. Today, LINE is dominant. Outside of limited use in some business contexts, e-mail never really developed in Japan and was already mostly obsolete two decades ago.

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We frequently or weekly use email for friends, family, and clients. We receive many Japanese emails. But LINE is also used a lot. 

For family in other countries Whatsapp, Apple Facetime, and Messenger but also many emails.

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Something akin to the psychic ability of Charlotte Rampling in Zardoz?

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The thing about email is that it's almost 100% necessary in order to register to many websites. It's also needed for reservations sites, smartphone accounts, Google Chrome etc. so I'm not sure if it's easily replaceable.. Granted it might not be used for personal messages anymore though.

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Tamtam drum

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Messengers with great memorization skills who can run long distances.

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Regular Paper Mail with a nice stroll to the local post office to get a stamp, LOL

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Instant messaging apps such as MS Teams and the like. My current work uses those apps, email and physical mail and the usage of such will vary depending on the urgency and formality of the communication. I think using several means of communication both for work and for personal life is great.

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