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What do you think will replace smartphones in the future?


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It looks like smartphones have already been replaced. It seems that the smartphone option I used to use to access Japan Today has disappeared. In addition, my smartphone keyboard is now possessed by a demon which puts everything in caps unless I change it. Also, where did the preview function go AND can one no longer give input via a dedicated location?

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"Smarter" phones ?

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Electric Monks, Douglas Adams comments are still relevant!

@Brainiac I agree with both parts of your comment!

Progressively more integrated and wearable, ultimately wetwear (integrated in to you) screens needed to begin with but ultimately overlaid directly to your optical nerves. Ultimately indistinguishable where person ends and machine begins, refer back to Brainiacs comment!

@MsDelicious, I was going to say there are no aliens, but the probability is that there are some where in the universe, just not here!

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Eventually telepathy like the aliens do.

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Just get the implant or the t-shirt with changeable chips. Talk to air. Watch videos etc in the empty space either in front of your eyes or in your head.

That's my guess too

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It will be a smaller, device with massive connectivity and local storage. It will have 2 days of battery and connect to local displays, keyboards, mice, with a quick tap. Basically, those will be display and input devices. Local storage will be automatically prioritized with our own data and access to all internet data.

It will translate written and spoken languages with 90% accuracy. Different specialized topics like weather terms will still fail to translate - like tiger snow does.

Control will be through subvocalization to get into different modes quickly, then taps/wrist movements to make menu choices. Different tones for yes/no feedback will be provided through an audio earplug.

Of course, all these interactions will be sent back to google/apple/microsoft and tapped by our govt overlords looking for abhorrent behavior which must be corrected. Things like not buying enough junk food or clothing will raise flags for additional watching.

And it will make phone calls too.

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People want a visual interface when doing more than just calling someone (games, internet, social media, etc), so some sort of screen will always have to be there. What form that will take could be anything... wearable tech with the screen projected directly into the eye? I have no idea... :D

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Smartphones interface will be replaced by wearable and artificial intelligence that will take over common activities such as searching the net, getting travel guidance and as personal assistants. I also think the next generation of devices will mostly interface with verbally or via projected holograms as opposed to today's screens. So a tiny device could project a hologram you interact with or it will be capable of understanding language and intent as well or maybe better than a human being so you can get it to do what you want. I think phones that understand you and your goals, agenda, beliefs strongly enough that they can accurately predict your needs before you are aware of them will be big in the next decade. Instead of thinking of what you want to google, your phone will know it before you do and tell you unsolicited. But I'm not sure if non-invasive mind reading will be realistic in the next 10 years.

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I would really love to go back to analog phones & maybe just fax! Those were the good old days, MUCH better than compared to the present! Back then when work was done for the day or weekend it was BLOODLY WELL done, you could relax!

Alas technology instead of FREEING us, it is ENSLAVING us, think about it, the future is looking grime but fortunately I should be gone before its insanely bad!

Brainiac & I will be up in the CLOUD (LOL!!) having a cold one watching the mess below!

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It will be all wearable or implantable.

Yep, just like this:


Brilliant but disturbing show...

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Are cloud phones impossible? Just get the implant or the t-shirt with changeable chips. Talk to air. Watch videos etc in the empty space either in front of your eyes or in your head. (Yes, empty space in your head, some of us anyway.)

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Yes, brain implants.

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It will be all wearable or implantable. Fortunately (and I do mean fortunately), I won't be around to see it.

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Smart people will replace the smart phone.

I'll have the device wearable or on my clothes and probably have a special contact lenses.

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