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What do your Japanese family, friends or acquaintances think about the U.S. election?


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I haven't asked, and I don't think they really care. They have more pressing problems.

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They think whatever the inane variety shows tell them to think.

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Don't ask!

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Wife asked me what was going on with the election kinda late last night. I explained in too much detail the pathways for both Biden and Trump and her reply was "You sound just like when you go on about the possible routes into the playoffs during the final two weeks of the NFL season."

So, I guess that's an answer to the above question.

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Quite a few of my Japanese co-workers seem very interested and so do a few Japanese and other non-American friends, mainly because of their dislike of this president. Yesterday evening, several gathered around me as I checked results on CNN. So far, I've only met one who thought DT was the better choice. It's running like 20-1 against. If only Americans had the same feeling!

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People around me just enjoy consuming the event reports & analysis via mainstream media and SNS. Critics and analysts who appear on TV programs are also entertaining (some go extreme with weird character).

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My wife was surprised that both candidates were so old.

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She must not be Japanese... all the pols here are north of 70.

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Most of the talk in my office was about the first ‘debate’ between Trump and Biden. Most thought it was a circus but one said he liked the passion.

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I think they are confused why all voters didn't just vote for the LDP. Guess they prefer an emperor than a president. More concern about the number of cases and deaths of Covid-19.

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Bemused, mostly.

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Stunned disbelief that after four years of watching Trump's abject performance 69m people would willingly go out and vote for him again.

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I suspect like most of the world, bemused by the undemocratic farce and the petulant squabbling of two septuagenarians who should be in an old people’s home not standing to run their country!

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two septuagenarians who should be in an old people’s home not standing to run their country!

Can't stand either of them, but it's a bit unpleasant to condemn older people to care homes simply because of age.

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A cross between WWE and 吉本新喜劇. Having said that, someone jokingly commented that whoever loses this election should be Japan's next Prime Minister. So what does that tell you about the state of Japanese politics?

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They pretty much wonder what the heck is happening to the U.S. with the election and all of the other things that went down this year. They wonder why the pandemic got out of controls and why Portland and some other cities seem to allow burning and looting. This leads them to wonder about the election.

They think the election is a little strange and they are amazed at how much dirty laundry the U.S. hangs out for the world to see. They are partially envious of the free information which flows out however not envious of the rhetoric and violence or potential violence.

They do like the ability to directly (through the electoral college) choose the leader of the country.

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They prefer the Suga way, kiss the ring and inherit the throne.

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Bit of a joke, really. Biden is boring, but at least Trump has entertainment value.

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My sister in law’s husband loves Trump and thinks he is the greatest politician in history. You can imagine what joy the obligatory family gatherings are like.

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@iraira, your wife's a sharp cookie.

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@Luddite; 'obligatory' family gatherings? Call in sick.

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