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What effect do you think Carlos Ghosn's escape will have on Japan’s legal establishment?


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Japan will become even less lenient especially towards foreigners, bail will be probably eliminated and you will see harsher penalties and longer incarcerations, basically because of what Ghosn has done and shocked and embarrassed the Japanese judicial system, every foreigner in the future will really suffer now because this will have an immediate negative ripple effect. It always takes one jerk in Japan upsetting the system to make it a mess for everyone else.

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The rich always manage to get away with it.

This won't be the first or last time a member of the elite has evaded justice.

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None - Japan will double down on its antiquated "justice" system. And it will also impose harsher bail conditions for foreigners, if they allow any at all.

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Electronic bracelets for any one out on bail.

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Lawyers in Japan are almost as arrogant as doctors. I expect no change.

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Law world has no feelings. Those I met (with foreigners associations) were very , I'd say incredibly, knowledgeable of law systems, and of shortcomings of theirs. They have regularly done changes, but slow and small ones... They will not be hurried nor influenced by news events, not even a big case like Ghosn's.

 It always takes one jerk in Japan upsetting the system to make it a mess for everyone else.

Yes, in daily life, people that are or just look foreign may be met with less trust. When you'll try to rent a flat, the owner will think "What if he/she did a Ghosn and left without paying ? ". When you'll apply for a job : "What if he/she took money from company's accounts ?".

Lawyers in Japan...can't even offer joint custody 

Confusing lawyers with judges or lawmakers ?

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