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What for you is the most exciting sport to watch, when it is played well, and what is the most boring?


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Most exciting: Australian Rules Football. Most boring: Marathon

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Most exciting to watch: Rugby league, track & field. Most boring: Golf, but I enjoy playing it and American football (too many stoppages), soccer, curling

Unfortunately, few sports are played really well at international level, any more. Rugby union used to be exciting but gets bogged down due to too many rule infringements.

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Rugby is the most exciting, soccer or anything played by americans is the most boring.

I dont watch soccer because if i wanted to watch someone try to score for 90 minutes, I'd take my friends to the bar.

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Exciting: Tennis. Truly "the beautiful sport" when played at a high level. Boring: Golf. Gahhhh.

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Most exciting: Test cricket. Most boring: Golf and marathon.

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So far, mostly British sports have been mentioned above. From the viewpoint of an American, I like watching baseball, American football, basketball, high-speed automobile races plus numerous other sports. Being from a small town, I played or was involved (such as in auto racing) in most team sports in my younger days so now enjoy watching all of them no matter what.

I've never been to a cricket match ... and often have wondered how anyone can sit through something like a three-day match. My Aussie friends tell me there is a lot of beer consumed during such cricket events ... saying something like the sport here involves downing the suds as the game slowly proceeds.

I've only done a bit of wrestling ... but at the higher level I do enjoy watching professional wrestling ... I know the game is for "entertainment" purposes but guess I like being "entertained" by their injury-defying feats and weird antics.

Up in Canada the Canuks are crazy about ice hockey ... which, I, too, enjoy watching (I can't skate worth a hoot, though) ...

Chess is considered a sport ... but I prefer playing it vs. the computer rather than watching it.

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Of the sports I know nothing about, hurling looks like a good contender for most exciting. It deserves a larger international audience.


Golf on the other hand is almost surreally dull. It's tempting to suggest dressage as one of the worst, but it's so insignificant in the general scheme of things that it's not worth mentioning, and it's stretching a point to call it a sport anyway. So golf it is, a colossal waste of television air time.

I've never been to a cricket match ... and often have wondered how anyone can sit through something like a three-day match.

Well sometimes you get to watch the bowler take a nice long run up and then dig the ball in short to bounce it right at some fecker's head.


There was a time when some batsmen didn't deign to wear helmets - obviously a grave insult to any fast bowler's manhood - apparently in the belief that they were protected by the lavish cushioning of their mullets.


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Most Boring: Cricket and Baseball, puts me to sleep every single time.

Most Exciting : Football, Soccer, Rugby, Track and Field and Follow the leader

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@bass - What happened to ice hockey ? I enjoy a good tennis match, and can't stay awake long enough to watch a single hole of golf myself.

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@kurobune, couldn't agree more, except for the fighting in professional hockey (at least the NHL), which takes away the finesse of the game. At the Olympic level, and junior world's though, it's a pleasure to watch. I play golf, too, but can't stand watching it.

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Basketball is exciting with non-stop action and constant scoring with a perfect amount of physicality, and the need for good strategy. Players also need a perfect combination of skill, strength, speed, and passion. There is a result every time down the floor. Curling is boring because all you see is a big rock like object being push by a broom on your way to victory. It doesn't look too fun and have you ever seen how excited the curling players look.

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What happened to ice hockey ? I enjoy a good tennis match, and can't stay awake long enough to watch a single hole of golf myself.

No doubt! Sorry about leaving out ice hockey! Love it and yes, have to agree with you on Golf. Boring and the sport can't keep me captivated at all. Watching the grass grow would probably be more exciting if you really think about it.

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or anything played by americans is the most boring.

StormR -- LOL. Please explain how hockey and basketball, especially during March Madness can possibly be called boring. My most boring is no doubt cricket, followed closely by soccer/football, except during the World Cup, when national pride and the fans make it interesting.

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Most exciting: Playoff hockey (NHL). Most boring: Golf.

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Over the last two decades, tennis has become boring. The tennis racket has experienced continuous improvements to meet the performance, but that results in fewer exciting rallies, more aces, and causing the game to become boring. You would have men's matches with no breaks of serve. I wish tennis would make the rackets less powerful and put some fun back in the game.

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Most exciting is boxing. Least is golf(except if Tiger is playing).

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Pretty much every sport is boring to watch. Who cares if some random guy/girl does well or not at a game? Playing sports is fun. Watching them is boring. If Honda does excellent in the world cup, or completely sucks, the impact on my life is zero regardless. As such, I couldn't care less if he got fired, or got a medal for the best football player on earth. It's entirely irrelevant. Boooooring.

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Football as the most exciting. Cricket and golf shouldn't be defined as sports so I won't pick one of those as the most boring. Most of the Winter Olympics with the notable exception of ice hockey is a pointless exercise.

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Boxing is the most exciting. Gatti v Ward, Morales v Barrera, Hagler v Hearns - unbelievable excitement. I think it's to do with the fact that it could be over at any moment.

Most boring: anything with innings.

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No contest. Rugby League, a game of speed, skill and physical courage. It's the most exciting spectacle team sport in the world. It's a shame that the majority of the world's sports fans are oblivious of the game. By lucky accident, I come from the North of England where the sport originated. In recent years the Australians have become indisputably the greatest exponents of the game. To all you sports fans around the world - check it out for yourselves. Videos of the brilliant, super fast winger Martin Offiah would be a good place to start. Enjoy!

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Ice hockey has to be the most exciting. No other sport matches its speed and energy. Soccer is pretty great when they play well and refrain from all the diving. American football has its moments as an exciting game but there is just too much down time and standing around. Most boring has to be baseball. If golfers were not so amazingly talented, I would have to put up there with baseball, but sometimes it is a thing of beauty to watch.

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'If golfers were not so amazingly talented, I would have to put up there with baseball, but sometimes it is a thing of beauty to watch.'

Golf is still pretty much a pastime of the comfortably-off. To be the best out of a very limited, privileged field doesn't really impress me. It ranks slightly higher than a gold medal for dressage but that's about it. Every footballer at this World Cup deserves more respect as sportsmen than even the top pro golfers.

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I think it was around 2002, 3 friends and I went downtown to see the Red Wings play the New York Rangers. It wasn't a playoff or Stanley Cup game. The Rangers were up, I think, 5 to 1. Wings came back tied it and won in OT. Talk about the edge of seat. To top it off, one friend faked a seizure and had my name announced over the loud speakers calling for his "doctor". Unbelievably funny.

On another day, maybe last year, me and the old man are watching more Red Wings in Florida and they scored in the last 20 ten seconds. My wonderful wife was sleeping on the couch next to us and me and dad raised the roof off of the house. My wife thought it was an earthquake. Pops couldn't stop laughing for awhile at the look on my wife's face.

So ice hockey gets my vote. Don't really watch sports but there was an awesome double play a little while ago by the Carp playing the Bay Stars.

Basketball gets my vote for most boring but it was the best to play, and I'm assuming we're talking about team sports here. Golf is a sport?

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Football, the beautiful game is just that. Rugby's fun too. Cricket's utterly absorbing one you get into a game....

The most boring have to be swimming or horse-racing....

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Most exciting: Naked bear wrestling.

Most boring: 5 day cricket test matches.

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Most exciting sport to watch for me is boxing with fighting sprits.

Most boring sport to watch for me is boxing without fighting sprits.

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Most exciting: women's volleyball.

Most boring: Difficult to say, there are a slew of boring sports.

"Most exciting: Naked bear wrestling"

Naked bear wrestling is more exciting than naked women wrestling? Har!

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It really depends who's playing. But,

Marial arts/ boxing stuff can be interesting. American football before they started taking time outs to measure stuff and check the instant replays all the time used to be great, it still has its moments now. Hockey sometimes, so fast.

Boring: tennis, golf, baseball.

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Agreed with Brainiac and u_s_reamer - Rugby League is my favourite sport to watch, both at the stadium and on the tube. Being a part of a 108,000 crowd for a game 15 years ago in Sydney was something else. Test match (5 day ) cricket is great too, as is Australian Rules Football. Most Boring - the yawnfest known as Rugby Union - AKA "kick and clap".

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naked female mud wrestling is the most exciting... boring is anything involving lots of grown men and one ball

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