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What habits by your co-workers annoy you the most at your workplace?


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When your female co worker/s date your immediate male superior and he expect that I do the same. Otherwise, I'll get his ire and get to be assigned the hard tasks or won't give out overtimes. Or worst, my name would be included in the laid off list!

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When your female co worker/s date your immediate male superior and he expect that I do the same.

You're sharing women?

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When people yawn loudly and don't cover their mouths. We get it, you're tired but have some manners.

@trinkets2 - that should be considered as power and sexual harassment. This ain't the feudal age anymore

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Shuffling while walking around the office. Its not just co-workers but man it feels like some of them are so lazy they cant even lift their feet off the ground.

Oh and the 8:59 rush into the office. Scuttling in as if they were trying really hard to make it on time and looking stressed. Here is an idea, wake up 15 minutes earlier so that your morning commute isnt rushed, and you can come into the office at a nice leisurely pace?

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Talking loudly on the phone. Especially if it's at length. Triple minus points if they go "Mmmm". . . ."Mmmm" . . . "Mmmm"... every few seconds when listening.

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I have to eat lunch with a couple co-workers sometimes. I swear, it's painful.

Mostly (but not exclusively) the older guys are not very well-mannered. The slurping is expected, but inhaling every other food, like salad or rice.... Then there are the burps, tsk tsk, sucking teeth, trying to get food bits in between their teeth by sucking them out. Throat clearing, chomp chomp sounds, open-mouth masticating, loud breathing, and talking with their mouths full. Only to be graciously finished with a loud session of nose blowing and tea slurping... Not forgetting to clip their nails while people are still eating.

I'm very biased because in my country, my family is very conservative and I was taught to not do all these things... but taking into account that every well-educated woman in their 30s also doesn't do the previously mentioned... I hope I can enjoy my work-lunch in the near future.

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The office trot.

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Assuming that I view women as sub human objects, both in the office and at the sleazy nightclub they keep asking me to come to. I mean, I was 14 once too, then I grew up.

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Perfume and cologne. More perfume wearers though. I’m allergic to the stronger versions.

Invalid CSRF

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False Accusation (third person doesn't know)

Colleague 1 tells Colleague 2 that Colleague 3 talks bad about Colleague 2.

Colleague 2 gets little angry at Colleague 3.

And circle around. The teamwork keeps working with each other's stress in their mind, always bothersome for them.

Plus Smokers, and those who act smarter in front of all.

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Staring at me all day. A private office is underrated.

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Eating with their mouth open, coughing / sneezing without covering their mouth, not blowing their nose, people pushing the open / close button on elevators on every damn floor, not washing your hands after you use the bathroom, wearing slippers in the office (maybe it’s just in my office).

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Nose picking and farting

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Putting their hanko on the PC screen. Hovering over the fax. Scratching their head leaving dandruff everywhere. Making offencive generalising comments about other countries. Constantly being suprised how good a rice ball tastes. Sucking their teeth. Judging others while doing the exact same thing themselves. Upset when a coworker takes time off and comes back with stories of fun times. Wallowing in negativity like its a badge of honour.

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Same like "Maria", but ........

...... even worse when every sentence they try to utter contains numerous "AHs", "EHs", "OHs", "ETOs", "ANOs" and so on. What happened to their communicative skills when using their native language?

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Gargling and hacking snot and phlegm all over the sink in men's room and then walking away. How can I use that infected filthy sink now?

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On a Monday morning there will always be at least 1 of 3 people who come in, sit down and start clipping their nails at their desk. FFS you've been at home all weekend, do it there!

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There are a couple of oldish guys in my office who seem to be farting constantly all day.

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@umbrella: fight fire with fire...

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Definatley slurping of any food. I mean, who needs to slurp bread!?

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Was planning to talk to my boss with a lower voice, because i do not want my private issue to be of public consumption, but boss always decides to answer in a higher voice, and drawing attention to everyone, and without even carefully listening.

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Pretending it's cold when it isn't. 28 degrees was originally the maximum permissible temperature when Koizumi's CoolBiz idea was ushered in. Over the years it's metamorphosised into standard office temperature.

They'll follow the original brief during the heat of the summer, but as soon as autumn officially breaks - September 1 - BANG! Off with the coolers and on with the heater and sub-desk four-bar electric fires.

I'm with the posters above with the constant assumption that others will be fascinated by the fluid dynamics of the contents of their sinuses. Sniffing, snorting, bubbling, hawking and gobbing the stuff into the shared sinks is a constant source of disgust for me.

Ditto the shuffling and pretending to hurry by taking lots of rushed pinsteps instead of just walking like they haven't been shackled.

Body odour/ coffee breath.

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I dislike suddenly becoming a foreigner whenever someone figures that’s the only way to win the argument, or they try to use that as some kinda demerit against me.

For context Im Japanese, was born here, but my Dad is American, so I look like you can imagine.

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-Going to the toilet and staying there more than 10 minutes. Several times a day;

-Using some excuse to not do some job and thus get it assigned to someone else;

-Talking with co-workers and totally forgetting about actually working.

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Smokers. Paid for mini-vacations all day to go fix their nicotine fits. Stench from their clothes. Worry about second hand cancer from having to sit in the same room or next to them all day. Fortunately, I no longer work in an office, but these were my complaints and I still hear them from office working friends of mine.

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