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What has to be done to stabilize world financial markets?


Markets are in free-fall with no end in sight for the global credit meltdown.

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Eliminate short term speculations.

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The world should consult me right here on JT.

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Keep Goverment out of the buying companies game..

Quit giving loans based on race,single mother, or other factors besides financial ability to repay..

Quit allowing ceos and the companies they run to lie about profits in order to make the share holder happy.

Maybe regulate the financial market better.

Stop buying 80% of our products from places like China, and try to support the countries own economy.

Maybe quit letting companies move the headquarters off shore to aviod paying taxes.

Maybe get rid of all the people in congress and bring in newe people who are elected based on ideas and not who has the most moeny to put into ad campaigns..

The list is too long and the results will take too long to happen..

Other countries are freezing the markets... maybe thats the ticket///

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Asking such a serious question to tax payers who will be definitely burdened with extra taxes for no-fault of theirs is rather unkind on the part of Media. Economy Experts/advisors may have suggestions/solution but then they do not offer their services for free. My personal and non-professional view? 'Do nothing, let markets find the bottom line, they know how to climb again, do not give in to Hedge Funds demands.'

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Do away with the whole concept of money all together.

And while your at it...the concept of society could be done away with as well.

In other words it's an impossible task.


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You get some of your friends together and set up a forum. Then, you get some very economically influential groups together in a particular region. Establish a mechanism to work together to promote peace and prosperity. The time will come when all will have to contribute to stave off a financial crisis. We shall see if the theory holds, b/c APEC, as well as other networks exist and functioning.

To my old friends, hi.

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News flash: The US has defaulted on foreign owned T-bills and is offering repayment in the form of exports.

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The underlying assumption that something more can be done to stabilize markets is incorrect. If liquidity returns, that will help, but we're in a recession heading for a depression, so the best thing individuals can do is to downsize everything in their lives so that their costs are as low as possible, stock up on what can be stocked up on, and learn to enjoy a simple life. I expect time will pass and things will improve, but it may take a while to get to the other side of this.

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Everybody spend spend spend! Simple.

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Wipe out everyone's debt, just clean slate for everyone, and give me a piece of that 900billion. Eliminate credit, go back to cash, and trading stuff. "I'll buy that DVD player with 3 cows".

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Wipe out everyone's debt, just clean slate for everyone, and give me a piece of that 900billion. Eliminate credit, go back to cash, and trading stuff. "I'll buy that DVD player with 3 cows".

I think China would be upset at not getting all the cows it was owed.

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Bush's resignation would be a good start. Everytime he speaks an TV the markets sell off.

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What crisis? Back to basis, spend less,less, LESS than the amount of money you earn.Cut up all credit cards and throw them in the fire.

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