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What, if anything, do you believe governments around the world aren't telling the public about the coronavirus?


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all of the financial, legal and moral concerns that prevents them from effectively containing the virus, or better yet, their admittance of being caught with their pants down when the pandemic came knocking at their country's doorstep.

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The obvious stats: how many tested, how many sick, how many deaths, how deaths are determined, etc. Another is when they were first aware the virus was such a monster, which government figures were made aware of its effects, and which ones actually made the decisions to delay taking action.

But one more worry I have is the public aren't being told about this virus's mutations. That's most likely because at this point no government, not-for-profit nor private lab has been able to do much more than cursory research on what all else Covid19 will bring.

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The actual truth. Plain and simple.

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That they have no idea what they are doing.

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I believe the actual numbers and deaths are dialled down. especially with the Asian countries

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I'd like to see the number of those who have recovered and built up their immune system. Let's get some good news out there.

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Don't understand why people want to know the exact amount of death and recovers. The figures don't help but panic people.

We may able to know the real truth after some years but for now, we just have to take care of ourselves as long as we need to. This is more likely plain and simple.

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China started doing fecal swabs for testing. Bat and wild dog research has focussed on the virus in digestive tract and fecal matter. Rumours of discomfort and diarrhoea being one symptom of Covid19.



Perhaps not a subject the public wants to hear about anyway, but it needs facing as some of the keys may lay there.

Keep washing those hands, folks.

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In Australia poop is being tested but in Japan humans are being refused? Crazy...

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How much the bail out packages are going to cost and who is going to pay them.

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