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What is Christmas going to be like for you this year?


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In one word Gluttonous!

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In front of a roaring fire watching Netflix and drinking beer! Going to be very cold on Sunday.

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Quiet, with my family. Lots of food and booze.

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One thing for sure.....

Little baby Jesus won't get a mention. In our family as in most in the UK, any religious elements have long been purged from the festivities.

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normal working days/as japanese standard/.

real off will come next week.

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Drunken awesomeness.

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Wife will be at work and the kids have all grown up and moved out. Forecast is for snow, so it'll be a white, but lonely Christmas here. Probably just play games on the smart phone, listen to podcasts, and watch YouTube or the WWE Network.

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Cook Christmas dinner - Work - Exercise session - Christmas tea - Relax with an episode of Kdrama - Work - 2am: Sleep.

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Spent in my in-laws' freezing old house eating cold raw fish and cold cooked vegetables instead of lying on the beach in the sun. Thanks to covid. So, not great.

But my wife and daughter will be there, and the old geezer has a well stocked liquor cabinet so it's not all bad.

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I have two little kids. I've been planning the day since November. Got a ton of presents for them that will be waiting for them under the tree tomorrow morning. I bought a big Lego train set that I am going to assemble tonight and have the train tracks running around through the presents, which I think will be a nice touch.

Gonna have chicken dinner that we will pick up from a local restaurant in the afternoon.

It'd be way more awesome if we could spend it with my parents too, and I really feel bad that they can't be here to join us, but I'm determined that this will be a great Christmas for the kids and if I can do that, I count it as a major win for 2021.

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like every year. Roasted chicken, potatoes, finger food, Christmas mass, and maybe getting a bit drunk later etc… Holidays already started for me from Dec 18 and would last until jan 4

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Santa is bringing a new Switch and games for the kids and I will partake along with beer and roast beef.

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Bleak but I will be weathering the storm with Christmas movies, UberEats, and lots of naps.

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Beers in Ebisu.

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Getting some drywall delivered, installing the imported pink insulation, then drywall, then Hinoki planks, and leak testing the shower connections in between.

Yes, a Merry Christmas for sure!

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Will attend Church with family, have a lovely dinner, open presents under the tree, watch TV and have a tipple.

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The same as every year. Enjoying the best white powdery substance in the world. Japow!

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PEACEFUL. Wife and kids are visiting her sister and BIL in Chiba until Jan 3.

Party at my place Nobeoka, Miyazaki.

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Oh, I forgot about the homemade tacos dinner.

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A festive family fun day, looking forward to the New Year holiday.

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A zoom call this morning brought us all together. The best present ever.

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Yesterday (Dec 25th) evening we had our small X-Mas event after our stray cat patrol (we TNR them: trap - neuter - release and take care of them to prevent them to search through the trash in the neighborhood) with the group being made of 4 people including myself.

Like last year, X-Mas was outside around a bench with a few of our "regulars" staying and keeping us company after receiving food.

Three of us bought a small present for the 4th member who lost her husband of 40 years this summer to pancreatic cancer, one of the three made a German-style Christmas Stollen (a X-Mas cake) for all to eat, another brought drinks and sweets for all, I brought small presents for all of us as well.

The evening was cold but the hearts were warm.

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