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What is the best way to deal with cyber-bullying on Twitter, Facebook and other social media?


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Don't use it. You'll survive just fine.

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Don't use twitter or Facebook... Or grow thicker skin.

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Don't use it. If you want to socialize, do it in real word.

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Don't use it is right on! That is a part of the problem these days. Too much FaceBOOK and not enough FaceTIME! I totally agree with DeDe.

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Get some real analog friends and go out and have some fun...

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If real life bullies are losers then those who can only bully thru one of these stupid social media networks must be real doozies. Ignore them or, even better, don't "tweet" (how i hate this childish word) in the first place.

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Facebook was a boon in the aftermath of 3/11. Also great for keeping up with fast-growing families in far-flung places and sharing great moments that you can't attend in person. No one is being forced to go on Facebook or read what some unknown person is having for breakfast every day. If you don't want to hear what someone is doing or don't like what they're saying, unfriend them.

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Bullies can't bully if you unfriend them.

I have 35 friends on facebook - people seem to think that's not a lot, but at least I can say I know each of them well and they're good people. Most are back home too so facebook is great to stay in touch through long distance.

People need to stop adding people to their friends list to get their friend numbers up! I keep telling my teenage sister than but she still adds people she doesn't know and then gets upset when they say something nasty. One day she'll learn. Sigh!

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Ignore. Delete. Block.

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What is the best way to deal with cyber-bullying on Twitter, Facebook and other social media?

Reply to everything with "NO U, LOL!".

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Apply a sledge hammer to the laptop or desktop of the offender, and ban him from purchase of a new model until he or she acknowledges the error of his or her ways. If this doesn't work, apply a sledge hammer to the knuckles of both hands of the offenders and that should stop the problem, for a while at least.

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How the hell can anybody be bullied on the internet? Ridiculous. Just take an arrogant, cutting stance, and deal immensely bitchy, yet veiled non-compliments back, ridiculing the protagonists use of language and intellect. It is easy, and also great fun to put someone in their place for being a dick.

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