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What is the best way to ensure that AI-generated images do not infringing on copyrights?


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There probably isn't any way to stop it now. It has developed so quickly and so far that there probably isn't a way to tell for sure that copyrights even matter. It would be too hard to identify and far too hard to prove. And it will just keep on being developed and recklessly so. Perhaps there is an AI that can recognize another AI. I wouldn't be surprised at this point.

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Make the companies in charge of each AI tool completely liable to copyright claims for images created using their services. Nothing short of that will motivate the people responsible to ensure their tools can't be so easily abused.

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Taxi driver use to have the sole right to transport people and pay a licence fee. Uber came along and put the the sole trader Cab drive out of business because there was no legal way of stopping the use of the Uber platform. I would amuse the same will happen to the creative arts industry. With AI you can program an automotive robot to paint a Pacaso or a Rimbrant in a few minutes and it will look to the expert eye an original and no law can say I can own a copy because it classed as a reproduction and copywriter only covers 70 years for images.

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AI-made art, like art made by organic artists, will always be subject to copyright issues. The best AI could do is similar to what is done on Anime is to change the art style or alter the brand a bit to avoid this. However, it will not stop persistent copyright hunters who are out there to make money by suing people

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Changing your idea of what infringement means and instead calling it free advertising. That's the only way.

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All photos must be linked to an individual or corporation that will be liable in case of infringement. None of this crap that I am just a platform and have no liability for what people do or post herein.

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