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What is the policy on paternity leave at your workplace? As far as you know, has anyone taken it?


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I think we can take paternity leave on paper, but no way in hell would I chance the repercussions by taking it. I need my current job and bonus more than I need some time off.

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It's only two weeks in my job and nearly everyone avails it but could still be called to work at a drop of a hat

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Maybe 2 weeks. I think new fathers underestimate how exhausting it is to have a baby in the first 6 months. That time off is truly helpful.

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I had a day off.

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For my first kid, I took a week off, and spend it with my wife in the hospital. In principle, I could take one year off, but my career would immensely suffer.

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Two weeks here - As long as I have been at this company (11 years) - everyone has taken it with no repercussions.

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I work in finance in the US. My company has paid maternity/paternity leave for 6 weeks and unpaid for up to one year. As far as I know both male and female employees generally take the full six weeks and some take another month or so unpaid, but very few (only a few mothers that I am aware of)take the full year.

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I work at a pretty big company here. It wouldn't be possible 5 years ago, but plenty of fathers take paternity leave for like 3 months now, no one bats an eye, it's just the new normal. Some in management that are deemed too important, usually strike a deal to go home early (like 3 to 4pm) everyday for 6 months or so.

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