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What is the secret to decorating your Christmas tree like a professional?


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Bought a three piece tree that fits together in one minute and already has lights. Plug & Play and get to the spiked eggnog faster to admire it.

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Absolutely no idea. When I was a kid my grandfather and grandmother used to decorate a real tree with their same old decorations on Christmas Eve and when we arrived on Christmas Day it was our first viewing. It was such a magical experience that I always looked forward. I don't suppose they were professionals in any way but their care, attention and love for us was clear in that rather simple act. Can "a professional" do that?

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lots of decorations and a large tree.

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Decorating the tree with ornaments passed down through the generations. We have passed down a tradition of hiding a gherkin ornament on the tree somewhere, for kids to find. I also have an ornament I inherited from my great great grandparents, with an engraved image of Sinterklaas surrounded by long-faded yarn. Looking a little rough, but time seems to have a way of doing that when you are least expecting. Enjoy the holidays!

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Do it with your family or friends and decorate it however you want to. We don't live in shop windows and life is not a competition for likes.

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Maybe the secret is to somehow bring 'warmth' onto the tree. Of course it's not anymore ecologically correct, but the usage of cheap LED , blinking effects or plastic decorations is usually a no-go. Use better only old warm light bulbs, of course real candles would be best but are too dangerous, then natural and wooden deco pieces and thin aluminum stripes (lametta) for a professional look. Anyway, when your fine work has been done hide your perfect tree under all circumstances from the eco police and climate change front within your family or guests. They won't have any understanding for such a professionally decorated Christmas tree.

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What is the secret to decorating your Christmas tree like a professional?

A professional Christmas tree decorator?

You mean someone that works for the state?

I would say getting paid for doing it as 8 hour day would help out one's decorating skills.

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To not. I want my Christmas tree to have a homey, comfy look and feel to it; not a sterile, perfect finish like you see in stores. A little bit of crookedness, chaos, and mismatch bits and bobs never hurt anybody. The decorations on my tree have a history and tell a story and to me, that's perfect.

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Let my wife do it. In the US everyone adding ornaments in a unique fashion was fun every year, but Japanese like order.

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Frankly, I don't like 'professionally' decorated trees. They all look the same. I used to buy a simple freshly--cut hemlock, open-branched, that we could actually string lights on and hang things that were passed down (lots of those 'icicles', too, but no strings of tinsel). None of those cultured trees for me! Ah, but the good old days!

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It's been many years since I last decorated a tree. When I was a kid, I was the sole tree decorator in the house and I remember being very OCD and taking hours when going about it, which helped to make our little tree look as nice as I could make it, but also makes me a bit relieved that I haven't had a tree in aeons.

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Thanks for sharing.

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Pop a perm wig on top,and a polo neck jumper with a leather jacket.

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I just try not to cry while I do it.

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Profesional? /face-palm

This exactly right here, is the reason that most of the decorations and Christmas illumination in Japan, lack absolutely any soul and any Christmas spirit.

When you do things like this professionally, you miss the number 1 reason of the Christmas.

The joy and the fun of doing it.

But I guess the ones that eat junk KFC for Christmas, do not have any knowledge of what is the actual Christmas spirit, nor what making together the Christmas Tree actually means... Very sad.

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