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What is your experience with executive recruiters or headhunters, if you prefer that word?


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In my career all of my jobs except one have been via networking, sending letters myself, or applying directly on a company's website. I have had success with recruiters twice and accepted on one occasion. I think they are fine but keep in mind their incentive is to get you to change jobs whether or not it is in your best interest.

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I think they are fine but keep in mind their incentive is to get you to change jobs whether or not it is in your best interest.

Bingo. Only take the job if it is in your best interest, and let your own thoughts determine that, not their words. They can, and often will, find you a good job. And they'll try to get you as much as they can, because their take is based on your salary. But, if you don't take a/the job, they get nothing.

In the end, they provide a service, and it's often mutually beneficial to everyone - the company gets an employee, the worker gets a job, and the headhunter gets a cut. But in situations where anyone is to get the crap end of that deal, it will pretty much always be the worker.

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If you go in with your eyes open, no problem.

I know one man who works as a headhunter. Good pay if you’re good at it.

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Headhunters, like any of the aggressive professions, should be treated with caution.

That said, I'm sure some of them must be decent, genuine and not given to exaggeration.

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Those one i've met are disconnected from the reality, including those who were in the company I already worked for. Most of them have no idea what their company is doing and what the company needs. For an IT company, they've had absolutely no idea about IT.

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I’m still waiting for the first one. lol

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On the whole, pretty good.

Their commission is usually 20% of first year salary, so you get a lot of sales-orientated people in after fairly easy money if they are good at is. Of course, they are more interested in you taking the job rather than actually getting the best wage for you, so if you waver of an offer, they will be pretty relentless.

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There are a few good ones who go beyond looking at keywords!!!!

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