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Scumbags. But I don't mess with them, so they don't mess with me.

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They come from rich families, go to great universities and then find good jobs at Kasumigaseki. So yeah my image of them is not that good.

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I agree with kawabegawa198. Best to stay out of their business. I guess they provide some role or function in society or else they would be taken out.

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Reckless - the only roles they play are pimp and extortionist. They survive because the govt and police don't have the backbone to take action.

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Like a wild monkey, boar, or bear. Hope they stay far away and don't mess stuff up.

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Actually I have had good relationships with them. The bosses are usually very smart, but being in Japan, when they messed up in junior high school, no matter what your IQ is or potential, you are doomed to not get into an even simple HS and no way a university, so they do what they can do best, and become leaders in a different way. No different than politicians actually.

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I have met many Yakusa members in my job. I have driven many members on Tours around my country. As a tour group I never had a problem, they were here mostly to see and enjoy my country.

I have also me a high ranking Yakusa member in a onsen just outside of Tokyo. We were both in the outside pools watching the sunrise envelop Fuji San.

We had a long discussion about my country and about Japan in general. The member even bought me breakfast. I do realise the other side which is not so pleasant, which was discussed .

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Haruka and Zenji - sad that you ignore the sadistic things they do to "make a living" because they bought you breakfast, beers, or you had a pleasant conversation with one.

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The member even bought me breakfast.

On the one hand they commit murder, run protection rackets, enslave people through debt and forced prostitution. And on the other hand, one bought you breakfast.

I now just can't make up my mind!

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Criminal predators on society. Just like all other organised crime, needing to be rooted out and eradicated.

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Since I read about the murder of Junko Furuta I feel nothing but disgust and comtempt for Yakuza and their ilk.

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They come from rich families, go to great universities and then find good jobs at Kasumigaseki.


Yeah I hate the lot.

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As a young man , like many they had some mystique. Now, like many of the comments above. Scumbags who trade in corruption, misery , intimidation and human misery. Not exactly the brightest eggs in the basket either. The poor women that come within there grasp especially. The sort of people you hope KARMA is real for.

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