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What is your impression of dating apps? Are they a good way to find a romantic partner?


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I met my beautiful wife on tinder

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Pre-internet (yes kiddies, it existed), people would place ad's in newspapers such as, "white male mid-thirties seeks professional woman for friendship and maybe more - Gillingham area".  What we see now is basically the same but upgraded by technology.

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In Japan, so many of them have been hijacked by the yakuza for delivery health and other such services.

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I've never got this apps thing, or advertising for dates. Don't people go out and socialize anymore? That's how I met people before I got old and warty.

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When I was still in the game, dating sites (not apps at that time) were very convenient for my busy schedule. Get a first impression from the add, then exchange a few emails, and finally meet usually for dinner. I met some wonderful girls, including my wife

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Tinder not so much. Most Japanese women don't know how to use it, even stating that clearly in their profiles. Also, a lot of them are not in search of a partner and just want to promote their Instagram or Twitter accounts. All of that when they are not fake accounts or scams... oh, well...

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There was an app for dating attached to this site before. I met my wife through it after dating maybe ten different women. Not sure if it is still on this site.

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At a first impression I had is that we cannot find perfect matches through such apps, because I've been thinking that persons on the list might not necessarily be credible meaning the pictures of the appearance might be too much edited. However, I heard that recent apps supported by famous companies set strict rules for males and females to register on the list. Also, some research show that the divorce rate of the couples who got to know each other through those apps are much lower than that of whom do that dramatically. When you register to one of those apps, you are requred to add many things such as the data which suggests what personality you have, then the apps automatically or the agent directly search the conterpart who perfectly matches your favorite. That's how dating apps are widely used recently, and I might be using it in near future again.

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