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What is your impression of dating apps? Are they a good way to find a romantic partner?


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They attract the most awful people imaginable.

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I didn't know one of my daughters was using such a site, but she has met a really wonderful guy on there.

They've been together for over a year now and seem very serious.

My wife's niece (in 30s) also met her now husband ( in 30s) the same way - they got married in March. And coincidentally her husband lived only a few kms away in the same semi-rural area. Almost neighbours - lol.

But I'm sure a negative experience will quickly influence opinions.

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Have to write this as the coincidence hits.

Hours after posting the above and telling of my daughters happy relationship, she messages me to say they broke up last night - he's been cheating on her.

No real connection to the article - just timing.

Bit Sad.

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Dating apps killed relationships.

People do not build real connections anymore, at the first sign of conflict: "-next!".

I know, I have been with over 20 women from dating apps since I came to Tokyo and I myself behave exactly the same.

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this may be supporting tool for many hidden perverts here just to be plain and honest.

there is always best to met person face to face as two normal human and build mutual relationship from there than use some kind of app.

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its hits and misses for me. I've known several people who've had successful relationships through dating apps, one couple I know will even get married next week after dating for 2 years. The dark side of it though is that there are bad eggs in these apps such as catfishes, single parents who hide the fact they have kids, married ones looking for a side relationship, and predators. Personally, I do not have the confidence so I don't use these apps but I think they're a good way to find someone if one's life is too restricted to find one.

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Making relationships convenient can have it's merits, but I it does destroy the traditional fabrication. Finding someone on a dating site will be fairly easy if you post a good picture of yourself or if you buy into the extra features the apps use. But it is this convenience that destroys everyday encounters like striking a conversation with someone at a coffee shop. Humans are still very much like animals in some ways, and the sense of vision "appearance", smell "fragrance", sound "voice", etc will play a huge impact on your search for love. When you find someone attractive, it is natural for one to appeal to the other through courtship. Taking that extra step to try to get someone to like you can be very rewarding and will have a lasting relationship. These are things that can seem artificial when messaging someone on a dating site for the first time.

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I find dating apps a sad sad sad statement of our times.

But then what else is there for single people today.

Look at my nephew and Nieces.

He is far to fightened to even ask a woman out on a date..

First dating or asking a female coworker out is against the company rules and is automatic dismissal.

He returned to school found the same policy in his university.

Bars? Not a chance even saying high is problematic as the woman can suddenly turn and accuse you of harrassment.

Now as for my multiple nieces well they have the problem that men will not even look at them or talk to them at university or work.

All my niece's are good looking are between the ages of 17 and 25 and not one has had a boyfriend or even been on a date because no guy dares ask.

My eldest nice actually asked a guy out, he agreed only if it was day and with others as witnesses.

She was stunned, he said, " you look like a nice person, but in today's environment I cannot risk being accused of anything".

Needless to say the date did not go ahead.

The western world is far to dangerous to date.

I have been told Apps today have consented sections and agreements to avoid accusations.

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There have been dating agencies for many decades. I have no experience with them or dating apps.

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