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What is your mood usually like during the time between Christmas and the New Year? For example, do you feel flat or is it a quiet time of reflecting on the past year? Or something else?


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Christmas is mostly an annoyance-meets-social event that I would not celebrate if people around me did not care about it. New Year is on the other hand an event that I would celebrate even on my own.

The period between the two days is a toss-up on whether I should holiday or work,

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Before the plague, I used to fly off to beaches in Thailand and Vietnam from before Christmas and then return mid-January. Being stuck in Japan during this period is depressing. Dont even want to to ski, due to the lack of snow and New Year's holiday crush. Ugh.

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Working. It is particularly tough obtaining stock over Christmas for January. It takes 1-2 weeks to get stuff from various parts of the planet (1-3 months from Australasia). Normally. Longer when world+dog is on holiday. Japan is generally quite good, but postage and courier costs have risen considerably across the board.

At least I'm not being cooked by climate change at this time of the year. Japanese aircon manufacturers need to expand their export departments.

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I’m usually too inebriated to feel anything but definitely good until the 8th of January, then the depression kicks in.

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For me just damn im getting older. Even if we celebrate new years with family. Nothing worse than growing older by each year. So I just try to have fun and drink drink drink drink and eat and enjoy the time away from WORK/OFFICE and plan for what I want to try and acomplish for next year while you can before your age defeats you.

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I spent Christmas being flat and will do the same on new year. I have been like that for more than a decade. Come to think of the part of the title " reflecting on the past year", I realized I do not pay attention to what I have done throughout the year, though I do not have any reasons. Since I have seen almost same ends in a year, I might have naturally stopped reflecting one year.

However, I hope I make one year more exciting so that it can be worth being reflected.

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Lets be honest.... New year in Japan is as dull as ditch water.

3 days of ekiden running... zzzzz

Bells at temples... zzzzz

Eating old food from fancy boxes....????

Never fails to disappoint.

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It’s basically the time of year I hate the most because it has two bad things going for it:

1) It’s the time of year when you have the greatest amount of winter ahead to get through before the warm weather returns in spring, and

2) You no longer have the excitement of Christmas (my favorite holiday) to compensate for the cold weather and short daylight hours.

This just sucks. Once December 26 arrives I basically start counting the days until spring (and there are a lot of them).

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Love it. No more Xmas shopping to worry about and knowing I'm going to have a few quiet days off with nothing scheduled in a few days is nice. "Happiness is always having something to look forward to."

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its my time off when enjoying good home made food.watching old movies with character and human sense,

time to enjoy with family.

this year was unusual in many ways so it took some toll and now its time to recharge.

have a good one everyone.

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I've always felt the time between Christmas and New Year as a period where more celebrations, vacations and other forms of merriment happens that will culminate with a countdown on the 31st. In my adult years, I've always felt this period to be like a multi-day Mardi Gras in preparation for the dread of the incoming new year due to work. If I could sum up my feelings, it would be a mix of dread and joy. I miss being a kid during the holiday season to be honest.

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I feel fat.

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I'm usually completely knackered after the Christmas festivities are over. All of that excitement leading up to Christmas fizzles out by Boxing Day and then all I want to do is hibernate under my duvet for a week. These days I don't quite manage to ring in the new year by staying up past midnight on New Year's Eve.

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I hate New Year, boring, dull and punctuated with the annoyance of once a year drinkers going mad. I volunteer to work over New Year. It’s just another day.

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