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What is your mood usually like during the time between Christmas and the New Year? For example, do you feel flat or is it a quiet time of reflecting on the past year? Or something else?


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My mood is going to the dentist during those days for a check-up before they close for a week. Once I got a bad toothache caused by a cavity right at the start of the New Year holiday and was in pain for nearly a week.

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Too busy to think about this question.

Ihara Saikaku wrote a series of anecdotal short stories about this very question (This Scheming World in English) 350 years ago though

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Stressful. The time leading up to Christmas and then New Year is probably the most congested period of the year, it's as if people are forced to buy and do all these things just because they developed a habit for it.

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I used to love it. It was my favorite time of year ever since I was a kid. I'm not very close to my family back home even though I have a lot of siblings (they're successful busy people, its not a relationship issue) but I was always very close to my father. Living in Japan, he knew I would be homesick and made sure to check on me every day. He sent my Japanese family and my daughter Christmas presents and would have a second Holiday for us when we visited. It's very good to have at least one person keep you grounded in your native culture.

Unfortunately, he passed away before the holidays in 2017. This was the third holiday season without him and the third year I've fallen into a deep depression. We put up a tree, with give my daughter gifts... but at the end of the day my husband still has to work that day, there's no family gathering, there's no one around that ties me to that Christmas spirit that I used to love.

It's strange... I've lived in Japan for so long now that it's my home and I love it... but I don't think I'll ever shake the feeling of being a sort-of non-threatening intruder of sorts. But when I go back 'home' to the States, I feel just as much a stranger there as anywhere else. The Holiday season in Japan seems to serve to remind me that, despite having roots in so many different places, I don't feel rooted in any of them.

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Nice post.

I hope you get over your loss and starting feeling well in the not too distant future.

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In Japan, boring as hell. Back home, drunk as all hell.

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In Florida surrounded by family can almost completely forget everyday life stresses. I am flexible and don't need Disneyesque environment as long as the sun shines and everyone is healthy.

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@savethegaijin - you managed to squeeze a lot into just a few paragraphs - very moving.

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Living long time in Japan I can see the changeable decorations of Christmas tree to kadomatsu of New Year in one night. Christmas reminds me more the year that is going to past and New Year 2-3 days of relaxing time in home, thinking forward the year I'll spend and make some differences of bad/wrong things I did, to visualize better image for the year arrived and going on.

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Great time for me. Boxing Day in the UK is one of the the best days of the year after the quiet of Christmas Day - pubs open, footy on, shops open. I catch up with old mates during these days. Me and my brother always go to a pub on the riverside where we used to go with our dad and sit outside with a few pints in sight of the river( he was buried at sea ).


I lost my dad 3 years ago. This is a bit hackneyed but it’s true - keep your dad in mind and remember the things dads want for their kids - happiness and health.

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Brilliant post.

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I lost my dad 40 years ago but I still remember him from time to time.

This time of the year I like to stand on my head and review my year to see what I got right and what I got wrong. We are 12 months into a new house and location near the sea and we couldn't be happier on that. I have serious health issue I'm dealing with but that should be sorted in February.

Today, managed to put a plan together for next week.

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I'm usually ok, I enjoy surprising close friends and family members the perfect gifts. This year because of some personal issues has been rough as hell though. Can't wait for it all to be over.

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@ Zichi

. I have serious health issue I'm dealing with but that should be sorted in February.

I wish you Godspeed recovery and a healthier future.

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As my sainted dad used to say:

There is no problem in life a bottle of Johnnie Walker can't fix.

Happy New Year to all.

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I feel like a rabbit that just ate carrots. Deathly.

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Stressed. In my line of work, I do not get paid holidays (or sick days either) and what work I do have is usually non-existent. So 2 weeks without significant work means I'm losing a lot of money on top of all the previous holidays. (and days I have to take off sick and days without clients)

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Lost a parent this year. Still getting over it. Love to all those who have suffered loss and grief this year.

Xmas really brings home the idea of family and friends but time and geographical distance just leaves us with the memories.

I fear for the future now. I don't care about my own, I've had a reasonably good innings. But the world is a perilous place and there are few leaders who can be described as "inspiring".

I'll keep hoping, though, that love and common sense will eventually triumph over hatred and stupidity.

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