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What measures do you suggest the U.S. military take to defuse tensions in Okinawa following the arrest of two servicemen over an alleged rape?


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My dad did 20 years in the Marine Corps. Lots of Marines tend to drink too much. This is what I observed. I'm not saying they all drink to excess, but lots of them do. I think if servicemen and women want to drink they should drink on base and that all off base drinking should be banned.

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Regardless of rank, if you see a service member that had tooooooooooooo much to drink and is acting crazy.


IF YOU SEE Your friend, co worker, or shipmate doing the following: Punching & kicking property, carrying a knife or weapon outside of base, Punching and kicking people especially women, driving with no driver's license, drinking & driving, beating up or running away from taxi drivers without paying the cab fare, groping women in a bar, stealing automobiles, damaging property especially cigarette & soda machines, and etc.



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If you're not permanently stationed there, you don't get to leave base. They also need to stop allowing former and current gang members into the armed services. All you have say is "I quit the gang" and you are accepted.

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Allow them to be prosecuted in the local courts for crimes committed off-base. Let the local legal systems run their course, and make an example that may (or may not) deter any further like behavior. Or misbehavior I should say.

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I would insist that all U.S. military personnel wear their uniforms when they are off base. You tend to get into less trouble when you are wearing a uniform. It worked for us kids when we were at school.

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Thomas Haynes Oct. 19, 2012 - 07:57AM JST

you would have to believe that those who are permanently stationed here would like to see that. these last two have caused them all sorts of problems for a two-day liberty. agree with the gang thing too. the last things okinawa (and the military) needs are real thugs masquerading as troops.

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Try deploying dangerous aircraft in the middle of an American city and see what happens.

The Osprey isn't dangerous. Claiming it is over and over and over again doesn't make it so.

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rainiacOct. 19, 2012 - 08:04AM JST I would insist that all U.S. military personnel wear their uniforms when they are off base. You tend to get into less trouble when you are wearing a uniform. It worked for us kids when we were at school.

Wear uniform 24/7? How ridiculous. Are you going to shut down all the bars too? Majority of these servicemen and women respect the local population and they are a good citizens. When you have 35K servicemen in a small area, you will always have few bad apples. Nothing is perfect. This is part of real world we live in.

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A mandatory life sentence for forcible rape, whatever the nationality or occupation of the perpetrator.

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I am not going to wear a Uniform 24/7. I serve my country with pride and dignity, how about if I told you, "You have to wear a particular uniform for your company", What would your reaction be? Its a FREE COUNTRY! Why? If you guys and gals read the initial article, these sailors aren't even attached to commands here. USFJ recently disposed of the liberty guidelines, to much happiness of the current sailors stationed here. As unfortunate this action is, I say drop the hammer on the two culprits and leave us permanently stationed troops alone. Take it on a case by case basis. And no, we don't allow just any person who decries I will not be in a gang anymore to join, wipe that opinion from your mind.

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Have these two knuckleheads do 10 years each here in Japan for their crime committed and then do another 10 years in Fort Leavenworth Correctional Facility with hard labor and chemical castration. This should teach them a lesson they will never forget. Not only that but this will be an assurance this won't be committed again.

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Dope them with Bromide to reduce their chances of getting horny and looking for some pour unfortunate woman or girl to satisfy themselves.

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Taro and Thomas Haynes - These 2 guys were NOT on base at all when this incident occured - they were staying on an offbase hotel as they were only temporarily in Okinawa.

I say it should be made mandatory that ALL American military should be retained on base if they are here on business. And those not permanently stationed here should not be allowed to leave base.

To be honest, I think these 2 guys thought they would get away with it, as they were leaving so quickly after.

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How about a "Host A Marine" week? Every family in Okinawa takes a Marine into their home and looks after it for a week. Waters it, feeds it, exercises it. Every Marine comes with a collar, a sturdy carry-case, a list of Do's & Dont's and a step-by-step manual on what to do should it start humping the cushions. People will soon realise they are very misunderstood.

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When you have 35K servicemen in a small area, you will always have few bad apples.

Why is that? And why must the Okinawans accept an answer like that over, and over and over again?

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I lived in Hiroshima for a year and a half, so know first hand what some of these 'heroes' get up to. Were the details of this case ever actually released? Was it actually a violent rape?

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This whole problem stems from one thing.

A huge number of American military are stationed on a small island in Japan. Many of them are bored out of their minds, they don't want to be here, the locals don't want them here either. The Americans don't speak English and there's not much point studying Japanese if they're going to be posted out of here in a year or two's time.

There's no point blaming the military. They have to obey orders, go where they are told and do what they are told. As soldiers, they are not allowed the luxury of individual thought. Entertainment consists of a pretty poor choice of movie, or going out, having a few beers and trying to find some action.

It's a continuing cycle. The frustration builds up until something like this happens. There is severe punishment. The curfew is lifted and things run fairly well for a month or so until the frustration builds up again. And so it goes on.

No amount of curfew or punishment will put a stop to it.

The problem begins with the politicians who decided that they should be here in the first place.

With modern technology, it doesn't make a lot of difference where the military are based. They can move fast. They don't need to be in Okinawa. They don't need to be in Japan or South Korea. They could be on Guam, which is US soil and no one would have any objection.

The only real solution is to relocate the US military.

They are an anachronism.

They take up space.

They create a dangerous environment.

They do things that they wouldn't do in their own country.

So, send them back and see how the American public likes their mighty marines raping their daughters.

Try deploying dangerous aircraft in the middle of an American city and see what happens.

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