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What measures should the Japanese government take to deal with the strong yen?


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There is very little the government can do.

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something like what the swiss did.

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Print a lot more money

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NOTHING - Even if they were given good advice they would not listen to you..

I see the only option for the failed banana republic ( J Gov not the Japanese people) is to peg the Yen to the dollar at say 100:1...

Remember, the country is managed and run by over-privileged, self-centered and complete morons, so don't be surprised if they continue act and live up to their reputation.

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devalue it by printing more to at least cover the cost of reconstruction stop over taxing the people.

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Lock it in while you can with long-term oil and other raw material contracts. Go on a spending spree abroad to buy up the parts producers needed to support high-end domestic production. Bring in more foreign labor at five-year contracts. The Yen is probably about 20% overvalued; in two or three years, I expect it will be back to around 100 to the dollar. Use this time wisely!

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With the Swiss making a strong move to protect their expoters, the Yen has effectively been crowned

King Yen

of the currency world...

Japan should leverage that to Destroy non-state players speculating in the currency market, i.e.,

Wall St. Scambags

Japan can easily play the Spoiler against those corrupt cretins that paid lobbyists to have the system rigged so that they could exploit it, at the expense of the tax paying public.

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Show all of the Wall Street Cretins


Japan is NOT a "safe haven"


White Collar Criminals in the Finance Sector__

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Nothing. I like it being cheap for me to go home and on vaca.

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Catch up with the US in term of printing money.

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