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What "omiyage" (souvenirs or gifts) do you bring back home with you after a trip to Japan? Or if you live in Japan, and your relatives or friends visit you, what "omiyage" do they take back home?


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Cereal (this seems to be the main thing I go for sometimes... Bringing back about 10kgs of different cereals from home), chocolate, a Manuka blend of honey or two, cookies, Brazil nuts, dried apricots, cheese, feijoa juice.

People taking stuff home... usually whiskey and nihon-shu, umeboshi and other Japanese snacks.

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Bringing omiyage back:

I work in a large office of over 100 folk, and after my last several trips, I brought back lots of packets of different kinds of Marks & Spencer biscuits (the cheaper ones, not the fancy tins), and a large tin of a large variety of teabags. They fell upon the biscuits like starving kittens, and they like the teas too, though not the green-tea-based ones.

Otherwise, tea towels, marzipan, and whatever the airport shops have in tinned biscuits.

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Pastries and candy. Maybe something really special for some folks.

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This question is about Japanese goods. I usually choose things that no-one has seen or heard of before.

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Furoshiki cloth, chopsticks, fridge magnets and tabi socks are what my cousin gave us when he came from Japan. I think the best Omiyage are the ones that you can only find in Japan, the more traditional and native it is, the better of a souvenir it would be.

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This question is about Japanese goods. I usually choose things that no-one has seen or heard of before.

Yeah I misread and answered yesterday morning. Second part of my answer covers most of it for me though. I do also take some of the airism shirts and things from Uniqlo for family members back home. That's something they don't have (yet).

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Packets of curry roux because my brother and niece really like it.

Various rice cracker type things for others.

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Pork Scratchings

Marmite and Marmite flavoured snacks. Marmite crisps are popular.

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Definitely packs of that surume dried squid! Reactions from people are priceless. The mildest reaction was from my next door neighbor, who said, "I wouldn't seek it out."

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Otona no omocha for my Mother In Law.

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