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What should be done with the still-edible food left unsold at stores each night?


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It should be donated to those who lack. If the store finds themselves unable to donate properly, then have a table by the door with the sign Help Yourselves on it.

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Can always turn it into slop and feed it to the pigs. Not sure what it will do to the pork taste though.

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Employees wanting to take them home should be allowed to do so or simply hand them out to homeless people.

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The dates should be changed and it should be sold again. Profit Baby!

Gosh, I'm on a roll today.

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Vegetables can be turned into soup and sold as such. Bread products can be sold cheaper the next day such as in other countries that sell "Day Old Bread" sometimes a loaf or two at about ¥100.

Or as Maria mentions, there can be a table with Help Yourselves on it; with the increasing number of retired people on ever decreasing pensions, the food will disappear in minutes.

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The stores which procured the product should do what they choose with it, because it's their property.

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A nationwide government charitable organization should be set up that collect/receive expired food from the stores.

This new charitable organization should be able to receive food from a few days to a week or two past the food's expiration date (depending on what it is).

The government should create these centers in all cities and near the city offices. (So as to see the needy and feel the impact that their policies (or the lack of) have on the destitute.)

The government should then give participating stores a tax break or ( )% cash back for the total donated.

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It should be given to homeless people and to elderly struggling with low pensions. It is truly heartbreaking to see so many homeless people in Asakusa and Ueno... Many of them worked so hard to rebuilt Japan and now are just forgotten by society. Besides there is such difference between their attitude, discreet, modest and full of dignity, and the attitude of the homeless people in Europe. Here (UK, France, Italy, Germany, Poland etc) people are openly begging and quite often in a very insisting way. It is not uncommun they are drunk and agressive and insult someone who gave them only few coins. I have always wanted to give something to the homeless people in Tokyo, some food or money but I refrained as I didn't want to offend or shame them especially being a foreigner. But my heart always ached at this sad view...

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Chanko nabe

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Most of it already is turned to pig feed or fertilizer.

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Reuse them aka food kitchens, etc.

Local 7-11, Kaldi, etc have an outlet corner where those can be had plus sub-standard staff.

Recall back home 40+yrs ago going into a bakery, 2 counters one great produce second flopped aka lopsided cakes, etc. Most of the times we bought lopsided same taste but way cheaper.

We also bought off cut chocolates from the local factory.. butcher sold sausage off-cuts as they sliced them locally.

Still don't get why all veggies have to be perfect shape/size to he sold here. Who cares once cut into a stew, etc.

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Stuff not staff?

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Just find where the homeless shelters are and distribute them there

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