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What smartphone habits by some people bother you the most?


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I could name a few...people (almost exclusively the olds) who use their phones in the priority seats...phone users who plow their way through crowded stations expecting others to get out of their way...bicycle riders who'd rather text than be careful of innocent bystanders...

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Using a smartphone to carrying as if you were seated all the while walking/cycling and texting, etc. bothers me the most.

It's bad enough we have to watch out for people walking/cycling on the sidewalks/pavement/pathways but add texting while doing that and the fact that most have no idea of what's going on around then and you're just inviting trouble.

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1) The fact that more and more people can't seem to live without using one twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

2) That fact that, to the user, smartphones seem to have replaced conversation with the person sitting across from or next to them. The art of conversation and communication using vocal sounds is being replaced by fingers being wiped at rapid speed across a touch screen.

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I was at Starbucks yesterday enjoying a nice brew of tea and next to me was a woman that was doing some paperwork and she had an iPhone 6 plus and the phone kept ringing every 5 to 10 minutes and I wanted to tell her to mute the damn thing, but my wife stopped me from doing it, fear of making a possible scene that she wanted to avoid and something I was really looking forward to, but I backed off. I really despise people that are too lazy to put their silly phones on mute why must they bother other people that just want to have a moment of peace and quiet, not to mention the woman had the old traditional ring tone, the one we all grew up with and it was annoying then and it still is just as annoying to this day.

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I hate it when a cyclist is hurtling towards me and he or she is looking into their mobile. Last time it happened while I was cycling, I made sure I just missed him, but he sure got a big fright.

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Texting or looking at Internet while walking/cycling.

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They get a very stiff shoulder when they walk into me, and it is actually enjoyable to see them drop the phone and watch it bounce down the stairs, escalator, or out of a closing train door.

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The smartphone users who also happen to be driving near me... They bother me the most.

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Taking photos anytime

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Any usage when walking, especially driving, as well as holding up traffic.

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Using them whilst bloody driving!! You are going to get somebody killed.

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"What smartphone habits by some people bother you the most?"

The list would be endless.... especially in Japan, where people have a massive problem driving or even just walking, and paying attention to other people. Even without reading their important messages every 50 seconds. If you get caught using your phone in civilised countries, you pay high fines and if you do it too often you will even loose your driver license.

But I would say, what bothers me most is THAT THEY BUY THEM !

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What smartphone habits by some people bother you the most?

Upgrading to the latest iPhone, when their existing one works fine.

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so other people's spending habits bother you, that's pretty petty.

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Texting and/or dialing a number and talking on the phone while driving...both Japan and in the States....

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People on the train, stabbing me in the back or ribs with their dumb phones. I've had to slap phones out of their hands onto the floor on more than one occasion.

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The fact that people buy them, thinking they're actually 'smart' (the people, as well as the phones).

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Moving whilst texting is dangerous. Walking, driving, cycling, etc.

The very worst are zombie texters or gamers on train platforms. It's crowded and they may accidentally push someone off the platform or fall down themselves.

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Mainly (when walking) just people who cause an obstruction due to phone use, especially in narrow corridors and/or staircases. Also people who can't raise their heads away from their phones when getting on or off of a train.

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