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What sort of wearable tech do you see being developed in the near future?


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Instant fact checker.

Tells you whether a politician is lying, or the person selling you a car, or someone claiming something online.

It could be a personal device you wear that analyses the spoken or printed word.

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A heads up display (HUD) device connected to a smartphone that you can wear like glasses that way you can use your phone without bringing it out of your pocket

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Tells you whether a politician is lying

I don't think we need any high tech to see if their lips are moving. :-)

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1) Microchips below the skin in the finger, that can be used for identification, opening doors and logging on.

2) Tiny earpieces-cum microphones to access the internet (this is basically already here with small bluetooth headsets, but they would need to be smaller and non-obtrusive to allow it to be worn throughout the day).

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It might be childish to say, but I hope eyeglasses with embeded monitor will be developed. That's been thought to be a science fiction, however, such technology can be realized when recent wearable ones are considered. If so, we might not have to stick to the small screen of the smartphone when you're walking around the street. Furthermore, I hope that type of eyeglasses to be as thin as they are today.

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There are thousands of medical devices in the pipeline already, which won't be perfectly accurate, but can warn of common, life-threatening, body metrics. Blood sugar, heart rate, blood pressure. In you are diabetic, having accurate blood sugar without bleeding would be wonderful.

Apple and Google are both providing health "platforms" to enable low-power device communication to the smartphones.

I've read about a prototype contact lens which zoom capabilities.

There are already many hearing enhancing wearibles.

Toshihiro: Google made glasses that interacted with android devices, looked up facts, took both photos and videos in 2013. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Glass A friend has one. We found it creepy and asked that he not wear them to our social gatherings. They are mostly being used for industrial needs these days.

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Whatever happened to Microsoft's Hololens, that looked so promising. I want to be at work acting like i am on Minority Report with virtual screens all over my desk.

On a different tangent, wearable airconditioning/cooling units. Or perhaps a material that acts like a regular inner shirt, but cools to

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I agree with theFu. There is huge demand for health related tech, some of which will be of more value than others. Some will be driven by fitness, not health, by sport heart rate monitoring companies like Polar and Garmin. Tell a triathlete that monitoring lactic acid or blood oxygen might improve his or her times and another $500 watch will fly off the shelves.

Since no-one has mentioned it, Japanese companies have already developed exo-skeletons -wearable robots- that help elderly do manually tasks like picking fruit. Rather than have a hip replacement and months of rehabilitation, it may be easier in the future to just supplement your lower body strength with robot legs that you would wear like a brace.

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Active cooling clothes and oxygen enhancers with CO2 sensors, due to global warming.

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Mainly medical. Especially ones that can measure calorie intake and blood sugar levels.

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