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What was the best thing and what was the worst thing to happen to you this year?


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Best thing: I didn't die. Worst thing: I got a year older and a bit grayer.

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Best thing - another year with my family. That's all that really matters.

Nothing particularly bad this year.

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Best thing - another new grandchild.

Worst thing - ill health in the family, hopefully now in the past.

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Congrats on the grandchild!

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Best thing: A bigger-than-expected pay raise. Worst thing: Series of health problems.

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Best thing: Friends keep visiting me. Worst thing: Ill health getting worse.

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Best thing: I am healthy and getting by. Worst thing: I try to be positive, so not much bad things. But there's one thing that really annoyed me: to be forced to use an Android phone. It is like walking backwards.

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Best thing, took a killer vacation to Hawaii with my son. Worst thing, increased stress at work making it hard to continue with my health improvement plans.

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The best thing that happened this year was that I didn't have any worst things happen

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Best thing: Loud Park, Oct. 2015, Saitama Super Arena, both days. (great morale booster for my "homesickness"). Worst thing: Didn't get a chance to visit home last summer.

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Best thing, took a killer vacation to Hawaii with my son.

Now that you mention it, that was probably the best thing for me this year too - a trip to Hawaii with the family. It was really nice.

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Best thing: Flew to Hwaii for three weeks first class for $300.... and with free accommodations. Worst thing: Oahu is like Tokyo. It is all cement, lacking easy to get around transport. But the outer islands had some beautiful geology. Great surfing on days without the trade winds.

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The best was was my father's continuing recovery from ill health. Other nice things include being one year closer to early retirement. Time to shift down another gear and finally give up the battle of trying to find something positive about winter. Only five more cold winters left.

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Best: spending summer in southern Europe with my boyfriend.

Worst: breaking up with him afterwards, because neither of us can face a long-distance relationship.

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Best: Won't say the best, because it involves the worst from the year before. A more positive best I also won't specify, but a very good opportunity came up which I am embracing.

Worst: That I let some other very good things slip by.

Cleo: congrats on the grandchild.

Tessa: Sorry about the breakup.

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Best thing: Getting married Worst thing: Getting divorced 2 weeks later.

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Best thing: Getting a job near my home so I didn't have to travel into London each day.

Worst thing: Finding out that they wanted me to travel into London each day to cover for someone then laying me off six weeks later.

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Worst: the passing of my 53 year-old brother

Best: FINALLY buying a car. No more two hour commutes home by bus or train, or carrying large packages of toilet paper from my wonderful toilet paper hoarding mother-in-law on the 90 minute train ride home.

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Best: late walk along the river in Niigata, during my 4-week sakura break, when two young men barbecuing along the walkway beside the river insisted I join them for dinner - lamb, veggies and a lot of sake - and now, they're two new friends.

Worst: leaving Japan to return to Canada (only temporarily, but nonetheless, not fun)

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Alex is the winner!

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