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What was the best thing that happened to you this year and what was the worst?


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The best was meeting the most amazing woman I've ever met, and the worst was letting her pass me by.

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I found out I'm going to be a mom! \(^o^)/But had the worst morning sickness during my busiest time of the year. (。-_-。)

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Lots of good things, best being the birth of another healthy, bouncing grandchild just two days ago.

Hard to think of anything bad enough to count as 'the worse thing that happened'. Maybe the worst thing that didn't happen was I didn't win any lotteries, didn't get around to remodelling the house, didn't lose as much weight as I'd have liked to lose. Those are all good things waiting to happen next year. Maybe.

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sakurala - \(^o^)/ yay!! Take care. Gonna be a busy year next year.

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Between Birth and Death, I do not get too excited in life. I am very grateful that God has been very good to me everyday.

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So many good things, including a successful business trip to Japan and meeting former president Carter.

The best thing is a growing faith in and relationship with my Creator, which enables me to regard the "worse things" in a very different light.

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yabitsDec. 30, 2012 - 12:37PM JST

The best thing is a growing faith in and relationship with my Creator, which enables me to regard the "worse things" in a very different light.

yabit, good post. Sounds like you have seen enough in life as well. I am very thankful that I am in peace with God. Every night, I meditate on the deck looking up in the sky and counts zillions of stars. I feel a mystery of life in ONE. One in all, all in one.......life is always beautiful , I am glad I am in IT.....

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Best: the Mrs. and I are expecting :-)

Worst: messed up my back with a bad fall :-(

Happy New Year to all!

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The best was working out some relationship issues with my fiancé. The worst was getting a new colleague from hell that has stress everyone out.

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best is spending everyday with my wife, worst is going to work and missing her all the time.

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Best thing was finally getting a promotion after 7 years working for the NHS. Worst thing was my lovely dog Glen dying after being poisoned in the summer.

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Best - The relatives haven't visited since the last New Year holiday.

Worst - I found out they're going to visit during this New Year holiday.

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Worst was getting screwed over at work and finally deciding, after a decade of putting up with, that it's time to leave Japan. Best, getting two overseas employers chasing me (though no firm offers yet).

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Doing my blog over the last year has allowed me to go to so many great places and fun events. So glad I started it.

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Another \(^o^)/ yay!! to Frank & Mrs Vaughn!

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Best - my wife Worst - my wife

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Worst--my mother's long, difficult recovery from surgery.

Best--everyone in my family, including my mother, is healthy now.

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Worst: to have lost my most loyal and loving friend, Silky, a French bulldog without having the chance of saying how much I love her too. Or the chance to save her.

Best: closing business for two days to go to a gracious family meeting.

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