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What was the best thing that happened to you this year and what was the worst?


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Best thing: falling in love.

Worst thing: discovering that the object of my affections didn't feel the same way.

Oh well! 2014.

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Three best things, actually, but Tessa beat me to one of them (and I've yet to learn if my affections will be returned, so I'm a bit nervous). The other two: being asked to perform the tea ceremony and having a sushi restaurant owner close his establishment to other patrons while my Sendai host (a lifelong friend of the sushi chef) and I were treated to a private feast. Awesome honours, both! The worst thing - having to say goodbye to Japan, not once, but twice in six months. I DO NOT like leaving.

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Best thing - hard to pick just one; seeing both kids doing well, lots of magic moments with the grandkids, finally got the dog to behave like a normal dog, went on a couple of very enjoyable trips, learned how to make really good cheese and probably ate too much of it.

Worst thing - drop in income over the year (thanks, Abe...) and recently a doozey of a cold that hung on for a month and left me with what seems a permanent frog in the throat.

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Like "cleo" above, my biggest gripe all year long has been my loss in income due to Abenomics ...

The best thing ... despite frequent eruptions, got to go up Sakurajima volcano in Kagoshima (by bus) and get a good look at its massive crater on a calm day ...

And another "best" thing ... my body managed to hold together yet another year ...

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Ah, look at the positives. My wife finding a good-paying job which she likes was fantastic. Our dream of early retirement to the Mediterranean could yet come true.....

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Worst: forced retirement by age discrimination; Best: forced retirement by age discrimination.

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Best thing was Mr. Yen being nice to us, since I'm in export. Worst thing was, hmm, got a speeding ticket while driving to Hakone.

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Worst thing was Mariko Shinoda "graduating" from AKB. Now what am I gonna do?

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