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What was the best thing that happened to you this year and what was the worst?


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Luckily I've been having a pretty good year, so nothing really stands out as 'worst'. Some positive highlights are summer vacation in Japan and finding a new apartment.

Happy New Years everyone!

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Moving to a new location near the beach and sea and really nice people. Prostate cancer and will have a robot op in Feb to remove it.

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Best: every moment I spent with my kids.

Worst: losing my sister to cancer way too young.

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Worst, losing both my parents to cancer within 3 months. Leaving my job due to power harassment. Best, my son’s marriage and being with my wife and kids!

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Best - the birth of another healthy granddaughter, visit to Japan by my kid brother and his wife

Worst - the lousy weather that wrought havoc on the allotment, wrecked the summer hols and necessitated work on the house after the typhoon.

Pluses and minuses all taken into account, a pretty good year.

Here’s wishing all at JT a happy, healthy and prosperous 2020.

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Best - I took a long overdue vacation. Haven't done it for over 20 years, explored (by driving) places I had never been to before - Ottawa, Quebec City, every state in New England that I haven't been to before, Boston, Providence, Hartford, Albany, everything in between.

Also got to see some amazing concerts - Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Nick Mason (of Pink Floyd) and his Saucerful of Secrets, ZZ Top, Cheap Trick (twice!), Jeff Lynne's ELO (with opening act Dhani Harrison - son of the Beatle George), Kool and the Gang (FREE), Kenny G (met him too), Nebula, Acid Mother Temple, Shonen Knife, Nick Lowe + Las Straitjackets and more.

For my astronomy hobby - total lunar eclipse in 9-degree F temperature. I observed it with binoculars and saw a brief flash - it was a meteor slam impact on the moon! Also saw a rare transit of the planet Mercury. Observed the comets Wirtanen, Iwamoto and Africanos. And I saw the asteroid Pallas and the planet Pluto for the very first time.

Worst - America still held hostage by a fascist and his toadies. That and some people around acting stupid but that's power for the course, isn't it?

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Best: Camping trip up to Akita with my family in the long Golden Week, even though it was cold and quite wet

Worst: Brexit, on-off club-related injuries for my eldest

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