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What was your impression of Tuesday's meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un?


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So far nothing but a publicity stunt for the two of them.

And Trump cancelling the joint military exercises with South Korea without even informing the Pentagon (and or the allies) ... now that's quite something.

The future will show whether or not this meeting will be fruitful or not. I, however, got my doubts.

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I am happy that the summit took place but I suppose we couldn't expect too much to change from a six hour meeting. I think Chairman Kim and President Xi gained much more than anything by Grump.

Now, today Grump has publicly apologized for insulting Chairman Kim, his new BF.

Hopefully positive actions will grow from this point.

Grump has praised and apologized to Chairman Kim. A sitting America president apologizing to a brutal Chairman Kim is another historical moment.

On the ending of the military war games was known first by President Xi before even Grump announced it.

President Xi crowed wildly over that news.

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They met. They shook hands. That's good news.

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It was a great day for President Trump to show what a fine statesman he is turning out to be. No American President before Trump has had what it took to make the summit happen. And for Kim, it was a day to show he is ready to make progress.

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So far so good to find these 63 years left in jeopardize situation the Korean Peninsula + neighbor countries、only by truce of no Peace Agreement. Much better the leaders meet than ignore.

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klausdorthToday  08:00 am JST

So far nothing but a publicity stunt for the two of them.

Pretty much, just a photo moment. Each of two dictators trying to invent credibility by meeting the other.

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Kinda hard to say since none of us sat in on the meeting.

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It showed the world that the stories coming out of the US ARE in fact true -- that Trump has neither the ability nor the experience required to function as US president, plus his mental illness poses a danger to world peace and stability.

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