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What would you like to see the yen-dollar exchange rate stabilize at?


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115 yen to the dollar will ease a lot of the pain for the average Taro. It doesn't look like the BOJ will/can increase the rate without hurting the people who took out loans/mortgages

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Just increase wages. Been working for the same coin for longer than I can remember.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

100 yen to the $

But I'm not holding my breath. Seems Japan is in for a long recession

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

My vote is for 80. Japanese workers would be able to afford cheap goods and travel, and enjoy cheap energy. As things are now it's like the LDP and BOJ are intentionally pushing Japanese people into semi-poverty.

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Then I can return back to the US a rich man.

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Does not matter. Won't be decided here.

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Wherever market forces dictate - without the BoJ openly manipulating the rate.

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Doesn’t matter. Multiplied with zero , any exchange rate of them results in zero too. That’s only a problem for people who have money.

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I doesn't matter where 'I would like to see it' , but somewhere around 120 would keep the large exporters / importers and the latter would certainly tame rapid food prices here, but even if they intervene its not going to see that range again until Yield Curve Control is widened. I can't see it being abandoned entirely.Japan doesn't need to 'raise' interest rates, it just needs to let 10y JGBS trade at more realistic levels. They are 'stuck' at 0.25% whilst 10y UST's are over 3.5%. It actually wouldn't take that much of a new upper band to move the exchange rate quite significantly.

@Eastman: Once again, you show any lack of general economic knowledge. Market forces and/or Intervention will determine where we head next.

Lets see if the Fed goes for the whole 100 bp tonight....

Aly - Its been at 80 during some of the darkest days here. Its not driven by recession as such. Yeah, I'd like 100 too, travel is getting a little too expensive!

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300 yen per USD would be a dream but I wouldn't mind anything between 150 and 200.

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

110-120 would be the sweet spot.

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500 yen to 1 dollar

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The point is to keep it stable. Fluctuating rates is what ruins it.

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