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What would you recommend to people who live alone to ease the stress of dealing with the coronavirus?


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What stress ?

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A more helpful answer please.

Stop watching the news. Go out and enjoy yourself. Wear a mask if it makes you "feel" safe. Stop torturing yourself with gloom and doom.

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Watch some old movies on Youtube. I heard that there was going to be a new version of Rebecca, so I watched the classic 1940 version with Olivier and Fontaine the other day. Puts your mind off things.

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Not like people have been forced to stay at home alone.  so not sure how stressful this has really been.  Personally bit of TV, bit of reading, bit of exercise all work.  And a bit more alcohol.

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Catch up with friends and family

Have a routine to cap of your workweek (even if it's just as simple as watching your fave series while eating your fave snack, it helps condition your mind for the weekend)

Exercise, it keeps you fit, strengthens your immune system and makes you high the right and safe way, and it's free!

Attend to you bodily needs. Get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, take vitamins. chances are that you're feeling miserable because your machine feels out of sync and neglected.

Pray or Meditate. regardless of your creed, spend some quiet time with your thoughts will help a lot.

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Stay healthy and get on with your life.

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I've been living alone for more than ten years, without stress. The only stress the coronavirus has added to my life is the occasional feeling of frustration I get when I see different retailers and other businesses using different prevention protocols. And I suppose I should say I get really vexed when I see posters at grocery stores asking customers not to swear at staff. THAT vexes me. It doesn't stress me, though.

I would suggest that everyone follow @Toshihiro's advice. Continue with life as it was, prior to pandemic, and when necessary, wear a mask. Just don't panic.

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Jesus, all I said was watch some movies on Youtube and some sad fool downvotes me. One stressful thing is not being able to go home to visit elderly relatives. Heaven forbid should anything happen to them. I've already had to miss a funeral yesterday as one relative passed away. I blame the Jp government as much as the virus.

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Get a dog

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netflix, amazon prime, the movie channel and liquor.

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Wouldn't people who live alone be less stressed, because they don't have to deal with someone else? Especially if that someone else is being extra-paranoid about the pandemic, like the wife of that guy you posted about some days ago that makes him leave his suitcase outside etc.

Honestly, I don't get what you're really asking here. Is living alone supposed to be stressful? Is the pandemic supposed to be stressful? Is it the combination of those two things? Because personally, I don't find the pandemic stressful at all, and I find living alone to be anti-stressful, so... I'm at a loss.

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I'm at a loss.

Oh, that’s because you apparently seem to think everyone else views the world the same way you do.

Being able to spend so much time with my family for the past few months has been the stress reliever in my life.

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Oh, that’s because you apparently seem to think everyone else views the world the same way you do.

No, which is why I explicitly said "personally" and asked for clarification about which part was supposed to be stressful.

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