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What would you say are the pros and cons of having legalized casino gambling in Japan?


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It would be a nice way to have fun occasionally.

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Only one plus. It will provide some jobs to locals. The rest is all negative. The casino companies will be American so most of the profits will leave the country and Japan will be left to deal with all the social problems that come with gambling. (perhaps they already exist from Pachinko though).

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Proponents of legalized gambling argue that it would increase the tourism industry and related businesses, create employment opportunities and increase tax revenues lowering the tax burden on other sources therefore the economy would grow. While opponents see legalized gambling as increasing crime rate and a destructive habit that can lead to addiction easily destroying people, families, and societies creating personal financial issues, health and social problems therefore it is not a innocent or wholesome way to have fun. At the end of the day legalized gambling is a major step that has many consequences so any country that is considering this, should make their decision very carefully since the cons outweigh the pros. In some areas legalized gambling appears to prove beneficial and revive people's lives, but in some other areas, it can totally destroy lives as well.

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Con - It will just become a magnet for the same older clientele you see at the smokey pachinko parlours.

Con - I think Japanese gamblers will only be interested in playing slot machines. The more sophisticated and socially interactive table games will not be popular. So lets not pretend that this could ever become a Casino Monte Carlo or similar.

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There is more con then pros here... The Filthy rich will only get filthier and richer... The social problems will get bigger and it will be time to legalize prostitution in Japan as well Casinos and prostitution do go hand in hand...

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It would just lead to mobsterism on a huger scale.

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Pros: None!

Cons: Nuisance, loud, smoky, eyesore, the only people that are really making profit are the casino owners and the Yaks are making bank like bandits. Japan could go the route of Vegas and start making more family oriented theme like casinos, personally, I hate these joints, but at least make it where everyone can enjoy, make it smoke free and use some ingenuity or creativity, but I know this will never happen, if Las Vegas can turn itself around Japan can too, but it won't hold my breath.

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All it would really do is save all the ojisans a trip next door to exchange their slot coins or pachinko balls.

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Pro: increased tax revenue for the prefecture the casino is located in. People would be able to gamble without having to do the "Pachinko parlor -> small 'gift' shop" routine to collect their winnings.

Con: the economy would suffer as all the pachinko parlors are abandoned and closed in favor of legalized gambling. The resulting unemployment would quickly overtake any increase in employment the casino(s) provide. Gambling addicts would have a whole new avenue to destroy their lives over. The risk of organized crime getting involved is always a threat.

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I cannot understand the whole concept of gambling - has never done it for me and I guess it does not give me the high it does in other people.

For those who get addicted, it is destructive and destroys lives and families. I think that there is a relatively small middle ground. Those gleaming palaces of pachinko do not survive on people popping in every couple of months to spend a thousand yen or so. Like all casinos, they require problem gamblers to survive.

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Totally agree with most of the posts here.

There is NOTHING good to say about gambling of any kind.

This includes, as far as I'm concerned the buying and selling of stocks and shares.

Any gains from all forms of gambling and speculation should be really heavily taxed.

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Will raise taxes. Less Japanese tourism to Macao and Singapore. some people will end up losing their shirts.

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