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Whatever your personal views are about coronavirus vaccines, what advice would you give to an unvaccinated person who was worried about whether or not he/she should get the vaccine?


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Get the damn vaccine

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If you get the jab....

You can still...

-- Get the virus.

-- Be hospitalized.

-- Die from the virus.

For that privilege...

-- Your immune system is forever compromised.

-- You may be permanently sterile.

Don't do it!!

Take C, D, Quercetin and Zinc every day!!

And have Ivermcectin and HCQ on hand if you do get sick!!

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I'm against the poke in the shoulder but I still got one since I'll be effectively unemployable and unable to leave the house if I didn't. My advice to those to still refuse is to weigh the risks. Don't discredit that crazy guy or that whistle blower who says bad things about the juice and also be wary of the collective mainstream narrative of the media and authorities. A lot of people saying the same thing will not equal to something being true. If you are going to get it, at least choose the one that is the most effective and has the least side effects.

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Whilst getting vaccinated may be the individual's choice, restrictions are rapidly being applied to the non-vaccinated. These may be travel restrictions or even whether you can can go to a restaurant - even if you are a tennis star!

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If the circumstances allow, try to wait for a non-mRNA vaccine.

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I would say take heed of the medical advice, not the internets.

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No one has a personal view anymore. The virus is not personal. This is an Earth view now.

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Do whatever you want, it is your body and no one can decide for you, if taking the jab makes you feel better then do it, if you have doubts about it then don't. It's all about your personal circumstances.

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Why would you want to take a so called vaccine which is experimental, was tested on Ferrets which all died, a vaccine which has protection from anyone being able to claim any damages for injury or death. Why would you take a jab for a virus or whatever that has a survival rate of more than 98 percent ? Everyone should be given a few tabs of Ivermectin to keep in their cabinet for when they might feel a flu coming. A medicine that is proven safe over more that 60 years of use against Malaria, parasites and several other diseases.

Demand that your leaders make Ivermectin readily available. Sorry, they can't due to the agreement witth the drug companies not use any other medication as a condition of supplying their experimental shots.

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If you're obese, have diabetes, other major health problems, or over 65, get vaccinated.

If not, eat right, take supplements, exercise, stop watching TV or playing video games, or sitting at the computer all the time. Get an active hobby. Remodel your house, paint a wall, write your leaders to stop pandering to Big Pharma and tell the truth about Ivermectin and other drugs that can treat COVID, whatever.

But you don't need the vaccine unless you fall into the category in the first sentence.

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"Don't worry, because of omicron the pandemic will be over soon anyway..."

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"Do not comply. This madness ends when enough people say 'no more!' Be on the right side of history."

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Prepare their will.

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Please don’t get the vaccine.

We need you out of the gene pool.

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Talk to your doctor and listen to trusted professionals, friends and family who are not knee jerk anti-vaxxers.

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That is a very strange discussion bare of any logic. We all have so many other obligations and would never deny or discuss them. Why this big hype about the corona vaccinations? You also need to eat , to drink, put clothes onto your body, wash it with water, have to visit a school, learn a language to communicate with others, do something like work or earning, have to sleep for regeneration and so on. You wouldn’t complain or massively discuss or oppose all those, so just take that vaccinations too!

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After 2 years and counting,

I doubt you're going to find someone "worried" at this point.

Those who have chosen to decline it, have made an informed decision.

Pharmaceutical companies sponsor MSM, politicians, govts,

medical institutions, and doctors...


You are your best expert, trust yourself.

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vaccines proved that these are not so good tool in fight against covid especially omicron-completely pointless.

this is experiment conducted on people with experimental vaccines,no one take any responsibility for side effects/gov nor maker/.

my advice is eat well drink well sleep well.have a healthy lifestyle,do sports.have enough of vitamins D and build your own body natural immunity so if you get infected you may be lighter case and will get immune against virus in very natural and normal way.

but if you believe to news around you spreaded by media on minute basis and believe that to be part of this experiment will make you feel safer-than go and get your jabs,how many you like,but keep in mins that there are side effects some may be very ugly and with nonreversible effects.

so these are my advices.

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Many good posts above. I want to add that I would explain clearly that these vaccines come with risks and I would provide the CDC VAERS data and from its counterparts in Europe and Japan. I would also explain that these vaccines only offer a few months of protection from severe symptoms. And if someone is not vaccinated yet, why should they get it now that Omicron does not produce severe symptoms, unless you have other serious underlying issues.

Regardless of vaccination status, I would definitely recommend supplementing in vitamin D, zinc, quercitin, Nigella sativa (black cumin) and have certain things ready at home to be used when necessary (mouthwash, nasal rinse, NAC, ivermectin...). The FLCCC, made up of doctors world-wide who have been treating Covid patients, has a bunch of useful information.

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And have Ivermcectin and HCQ on hand if you do get sick!!

I get you've got the bible in your other hand too.

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Best advice is for them to think for a moment why every single institution of the world that deals with medicine and science hold the same opinion about many things, from the safety of vaccines to the actual danger COVID represent to even young and healthy people and the complete lack of worth of drugs like HCQ and ivermectin.

That should be enough for anybody to understand a supposed conspiracy involving every single institution of the planet is not even remotely believable. Specially because it would mean all those professionals would be acting against their own health, and the health of their friends and family.

Another good advice is that if someone pretends the information about vaccines do not come from the experts and doctos but from supposed companies and media that is enough to make obvious they are trying to mislead them or plainly deceive them into making irrational decisions. The same applies when they make baseless claims about imaginary high risks from the vaccines (and supposedly no risk from the infection).

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I would definitely recommend supplementing in vitamin D, zinc, quercitin, Nigella sativa (black cumin) and have certain things ready at home to be used when necessary (mouthwash, nasal rinse, NAC, ivermectin...).

Depending on the person, I might show them the above advice and say, "Or you can get just vaccinated and eat whatever you normally eat."

Or if the person has an aversion to hospital food (who doesn't), perhaps show them some numbers like at the article below.


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If you are vulnerable and have not got the virus yet, the risk of the vaccine is way less than the risk of getting covid.

You are playing Russian roulette at that point, for really not a good reason.

If you are young, healthy or already got infected, you are probably fine.

Unvaccinated young people are at the same risk than vaccinated older people, and natural immunity from infection was finally just proven without a trace of a doubt by the CDC that it is better than the vaccine, so you are also ok.

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To each his own.

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I would tell people that it's not for me to decide, I believe in vaccines, but it's not my call to make what others do, I tell them I won't and I don't think it's for me, that is my personal choice, but you need to make the best-informed decision by consulting with your personal healthcare physician, listen to them and No one else, never let anyone push you or make you feel bad and you should be fine.

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Your body; your choice but a good chunk of Earth's population has been doubly vaccinated and so far there have been no major cases of severe side effects or death. Take that as a good sign that it's at least not lethal. Other than that, talk to your local GP and see what your options are.

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While it is true that it is your choice, but it is also other's choice to act accordingly based on your choice to not get vacinnated.

As much as you are unlikely to change your opinion, it is probably more so of those that are vacinnated aren't going to change their minds. So I only see the population of unvaccinated shrinking, not growing.

Perhaps those that are unvaccinated essentially are seen as those who refuse to enlist to fight in a war because they are unwilling to put themselves in harms way (by taking a vac, risking the side effects) even when the risk is "minute" and "well documented" since more than say 80% (your figures may vary) have enlisted.

One may say others has enlisted so there is no need for me, not every one needs to enlist or that the war is won already, it's pointless. But in the end, that is the decision you are making.

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Dr. Simone Gold "Every city. All over the world."

What's the difference between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated? They'll never be fully vaccinated.

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If you have underlying immune system issues, then you have that option to take a vaccine. A lot of media had passed incorrect information about the vaccine. It will not stop the virus from infecting you or being passed. The vaccine will just make the symptoms manageable enough that no hospitalization is needed.

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Remind them that if they're like most people, they've already had a slew of vaccinations during childhood, which have protected them from a host of deadly diseases like polio and whooping cough, which are no longer deadly....because of vaccines.

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What's the difference between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated? They'll never be fully vaccinated.

That makes no sense. It is like saying what is the difference between the malnourished and the well feed, they will never feel satiated? Also following the advice of someone that have demonstrated to be incapable of understanding scientific evidence that HCQ is worthless against COVID is not good advice.

It will not stop the virus from infecting you or being passed.

One correction is that it will not completely stop the virus, but being vaccinated do reduce the risk for both things.

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I'm vaccinated and I'm fine. Stop being an idiot and a danger to yourself and others and get the vaccine, or stay at home forever. I don't care which.

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Dr. Simone Gold "Every city. All over the world."

Wow, let's look her up quic

Simone Melissa Gold[3] (née Tizes)[4] is an American physician, attorney,[2] author, and the founder of America's Frontline Doctors, an American right-wing political organization known for spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic.


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